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  • Blog Post: ASP.NET 4 Dynamic Data Beta 1 Documentation

    ASP.NET Dynamic Data documentation has been updated to contain new information and examples. Also, improvements have been made to existing content, as described next. Topic Description ASP.NET Dynamic Data Overview This topic has been updated to contain an overview...
  • Blog Post: How to: Customize Data Field Appearance and Behavior in the Data Model

    ASP.NET Dynamic Data includes field templates that render the UI for displaying and editing data fields. You can customize the UI by changing existing field templates and by creating new custom field templates. You can customize data field appearance and behavior by using custom field templates as...
  • Blog Post: Differences When Working with the ADO.NET Entity Framework to LINQ to SQL

    When you use the ADO.NET Entity Framework to create a data model, you must take into account the following differences from using LINQ to SQL for the data model: 1. The default Dynamic Data page templates do not support navigation and other features for many-to-many relationships. The Entity Framework...
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