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Orca install package

Orca install package

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Stephane Rodriguez posted an interesting comment that I hadn't thought of - it isn't the easiest thing in the world to download Orca.  You have to go through the Platform SDK web-based installer tool and also install a bunch of pieces of the core SDK to get orca.msi which lets you install Orca.  I have a copy of it that I downloaded and posted at http://cid-27e6a35d1a492af7.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Blog%5E_Tools/orca.zip for easier access.  I hope this makes things easier for you as you debug your setup packages.

<update date="4/9/2010"> Fixed broken link to orca.zip. </update>


  • Ho una linea a 56k quindi GRAZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I have a 56k dialup connection so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Just another few words of thanks. Having to download a multi-megabyte SDK just to get an application I'm likely to only run once or twice is ridiculous.
  • Many thanks for the link.
  • What a star!!! Thanks a million!
  • Many, many thanks for this.
  • Thanks a lot Aaron, very handy link.

    You posted this article 18 months ago.  Do you have any idea whether this download is still the latest Orca?  Have you been updating the file?  I don't expect you to go to all that trouble, I was just wondering.

    Thanks again,
  • Hi David - I updated the Orca package once the MSI SDK for MSI 3.1 shipped.  However, I don't know if I will continue to update it forever  :-)  The most reliable way to get the latest and greatest version of Orca is to install the Platform SDK, but for those of you who can't take the hundreds of megs of download to do that for whatever reason, this is available as a convenience.

  • Great post. It's an ordeal to download the simplest and smallest of tools from the microsoft site. They really have a warped mind.
    This is so much easier.
  • Thank you so much! I wasted more than half an hour meandering on Microsoft's website looking for this download. Later, I googled your site! Thanks again!
  • that was great.i reached here after contemplating on whether to go for such a big download on microsoft website. thank you.
  • THANKS to you and Google, after unsuccessfull download of SDK, finally I found the Orca over here.

    TimeSaver deluxe
  • many thanx! very encouraged!
    thank you 1.000.000 times
  • Thanx a lot...
  • Hi many many Thanks to Stephane Rodriguez  for providing orca.zip

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