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Exclusion list to use with InCtrl5 for creating embedded components for applications

Exclusion list to use with InCtrl5 for creating embedded components for applications

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Hey all,

My colleague Alaks Sevugan created a pretty comprehensive list of file and registry exclusions that can be used with the InCtrl5 tool to eliminate noise when trying to convert an application installer to an XP Embedded component.  Click on the link below to download it and try it out....



  • First time instrl user here.
    I don't get it how to use this exclusion file with inctrl. Can you please explain how to use it?
  • It appears that the formatting of the file that I posted is not recognized by InCtrl5. I know that you can manually add registry keys and hives by clicking the Registry button in the InCtrl5 tool but you have to do that one-by-one. I will work on a correctly formatted exclusion list and post an update later this weekend.
  • Thank you!
  • There is not a way to exclude files in the InCtrl5 tool, so you will need to look at the exclusion list that I previously linked to and manually exclude them after running the tool for the setup you are trying to model.

    For registry keys, I have created a new file in the correct format at http://www.winisp.net/astebner/bin/inctrl5_registry.txt. You can download this file, rename it to InCtrl5.ini, and copy it to \Program Files\InCtrl5 on the machine that you have installed InCtrl5. This will cause the tool to ignore the registry keys/values when analyzing a setup.

    Hope this helps....
  • Thanks again. Guess it's worth mentioning on the main page.
  • This link is dead

    An other one ?
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