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Info about the 1935 error with HRESULT 0x80131532

Info about the 1935 error with HRESULT 0x80131532

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A little while back I posted a blog entry about some common 1935 errors that might happen during an MSI installation.  Since then, I have gotten a few questions about different types of 1935 errors that have HRESULTs not listed in my previous post.


I wanted to talk about one specific interesting type of error.  The HRESULT for this error is 0x80131532, and the corresponding error code in the header file means COR_E_MISSINGMANIFESTRESOURCE.


This error has a couple of possible causes.  Both of the causes I have encountered so far are rooted in errors during setup creation.


Case 1 – incorrect file entry in the MsiAssembly table


In the case of the customer that reported this HRESULT to me, the MSI was authored with an invalid file value in the File_Manifest column of the MsiAssembly table for one or more assemblies that are listed to be installed.  The fix is to make sure that the File_Manifest values for all assemblies in the MsiAssembly table refer to file entries that exist in the File table of the MSI.  The interesting thing (in a bad way) is that the customer who hit this problem reported that ICE validation suites did not catch this problem.  I haven’t had a chance yet to look into why ICEs would miss this because it seems like a relatively simple thing to validate.


Case 2 – invalid assembly attributes in the MsiAssemblyName table


The other cause that I have seen so far is specific to the .NET Framework 2.0 beta 1.  In this scenario a .NET assembly is authored with invalid attribute pairs in the MsiAssemblyName table of the MSI.  


In the .NET Framework 2.0 beta 1, if in valid attribute pairs are found in the MsiAssemblyName table, installation fails with a 1935 error.  In the .NET Framework 2.0 beta 2 and later, this will be reverted back to the behavior seen in .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 - unknown assembly identity attributes will be ignored and not cause errors or failures.


The following blog entry and bug report describe this instance of the problem in more detail.



  • Hi Chris, I'm not sure I know what the problem with if changing permissions for c:\windows\ and all of the subfolders. I encourage you to contact the Microsoft Office Product Support team for further assistance. Please let me know what the root cause is so that I can add the info to my blog.

  • Hi,
    Please could you help me out?
    I don't know what I have done, but now Windows gives me an error when I startup - "Error 1935. An error ocurred during the installation of assembly ............... HRESULT:0x8002802F"
    It says that Windows is trying to configure Copy. I am not sure what it means, and I cannot prevent it from opening up, nor can I close it.
    Please could you help me out, I would really appreciate it!

  • Hi Daniel,

    Could you please try to use the steps listed at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2005/03/29/403575.aspx to enable verbose logging. Then in the step where it says "re-run the setup one more time" can you reboot your machine again to let it go through that 1935 error one more time. After that you should have a verbose log at %temp%\msi*.log.

    Also, could you tell me a bit more about your computer:

    1. What is the OS you are running?
    2. What versions of the .NET Framework do you have installed?
    3. What is the version number of the file %windir%\mscoree.dll on your computer?

    You can contact me via the comments in my blog or via the contact link, or email me directly at aaronste (at) Microsoft (dot) com

  • Aaron I stumbled on your page via Google using the terms "HRESULT: 0x8002802F"

    I installed .NET 2.0 not realizing that .NET 1.1 apps still require .NET 1.1 installed :) So I uninstalled .NET 2.0, rebooted and attempted to install .NET 1.1 and got the following error message in my event log. When I get home this evening I will try all the suggestions you posted here and post my results. I am posting my story and event viewer output so anyone else who stumbles on this blog might benefit from this information.

    Thanks for the useful blog!!! :)

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: MsiInstaller
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 11935
    Date: 12/23/2005
    Time: 12:38:19 PM
    User: 019828919\109187181
    Computer: 019828919
    Product: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 -- Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.Vsa.Vb.CodeDOMProcessor,Version="7.0.5000.0",PublicKeyToken="b03f5f7f11d50a3a",Culture="neutral",FileVersion=" 7.10.3052.4"'. Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x8002802F. assembly interface: , function: CreateAssemblyNameObject, component: {7D4B5591-4C80-42BB-B0E5-F2C0CEE02C1A}

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
    0000: 7b 43 42 32 46 37 45 44 {CB2F7ED
    0008: 44 2d 39 44 31 46 2d 34 D-9D1F-4
    0010: 33 43 31 2d 39 30 46 43 3C1-90FC
    0018: 2d 34 46 35 32 45 41 45 -4F52EAE
    0020: 31 37 32 41 31 7d 172A1}
  • Also... as an FYI this blog may start to get alot of hits... the Xbox 360 media connect thingy is what required .NET 1.1 and started this whole fiasco for me :) Thanks again for the info!
  • I renamed C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\mscoree.dll to mscoree.dll.bak and started the .NET 1.1 install with no issues. This blog was very helpful. Thank you!

    For those lurking.. Windows XP Professional SP2 :)
  • Hi Rob - I'm glad you were able to find my blog and that the information was useful to you to fix this issue.

    One note I want to add here - the 3 versions of the .NET Framework (v1.0, v1.1 and v2.0) are designed to work correctly in side-by-side installation scenarios. So there wouldn't necessarily be any need for you to uninstall v2.0 in order to put v1.1 back on your system for the XBox 360 installer to work correctly.

  • I am getting this error message on a Windows Installer that keeps running and running. When it looks like it should finish I get multiple internal errors and then this error message. Anyone know how I can fix it?

    Error. 1935 An error occured during the installation of assembly 'hpqcmctl, Version="", PublicKeyToken="A53CF4C3827", Culture="neutral", File Version="" please refer to help and suppor tfor more information. HRESULT: 0x8002802F
  • Hi Raj - this HRESULT error means "function not defined in specified DLL". That generally means that there is something wrong with the file %windir%\system32\mscoree.dll (it is missing or a bad version). Can you try to uninstall and reinstall the highest version of the .NET Framework on your system and then re-run the setup package that you are seeing this error for?
  • Hi Chris,

    I am getting the error message when installing ACT! 2005 with Net.Frameworks 1.1. The error message commes up and after clicking "ok" a roll back starts.

    Error 1935 An Error occured during installation of a assembly component {A9F4......} HRESULT: -2146234299

    Any idea.


  • Hi Nils - From my previous blog post at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2004/11/10/255346.aspx, this error code means that the strong name signature check failed (FUSION_E_SIGNATURE_CHECK_FAILED). Does this only happen for you for this one setup or for other packages as well?
  • hi Chris, it happens only with this setup. Its the first installation of a net.framework 1.1 based software. Nils
  • Hi Nils - you might want to try to use the steps listed at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2005/10/11/479928.aspx to clean off and reinstall the .NET Framework 1.1 (and 1.1 SP1) and see if that helps resolve this issue? I'm sorry for the hassle here.

    Thanks! Aaron
  • I would suggest checking for the mscoree.dll file in the WINDOWS\System32 dir.
    if there, rename. If not, try installing the .net Framework v.1.1.
    Upon completing the installation of .net, try re-installing the application again. Should work. Did for me.

  • I had same problem. I renamed the file mscoree.mll, stopped the service Windows Installer, then re-install dotnetfx.exe. That is ok now.
    Many Thanks
    An Lap
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