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Suggest a topic for a future blog post....

Suggest a topic for a future blog post....

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I am going to keep track of ideas for future blog posts with this blog article.  I'll add my own ideas as they come to me, and I also welcome suggestions from anyone out there who would like to suggest a topic.  I am going to use the following guidelines:

  1. Please use the comment functionality on the blog server to suggest anything you think sounds interesting
  2. Keep in mind my areas of expertise from the tag line of my blog - general setup and deployment issues, WiX, XNA Game Studio, the .NET Framework and Visual Studio.  I know about things outside of these areas, but my level of depth of knowledge may vary widely depending on the topic, and I am not going to pretend to be an expert and post about a topic I am not very familiar with
  3. I will remove comments as I create posts that address them


  • Unable to connect. This network topology worked in MCE2005. Did an upgrade to Vista Ultimate. I am able to use the Media Manager of Xbox 360 to connect via (Windows Connect / WMP 11).

    When I setup the extender, it fails, during "Setting Extender cofiguration settings" and XBOX 360 times out - saying unable to connect.

    Also, how I clean up any old extender settings or remove old extenders ?

    Please help

  • Hi Mediabuff - I don't have a lot of expertise in troubleshooting Xbox 360 connectivity in Windows Vista Media Center, so I would suggest posting a question to the Microsoft.Public.Windows.MediaCenter newsgroup and hopefully someone there will be able to help out.

    I believe you can remove old extenders by going to the System tab in the Xbox 360 dashboard, choosing Computers, then Windows Media Center and choosing Disconnect.

  • I create plugins for a living, some of which rely on external third-party DLLs. Installation has always been an issue, since the host application can't find my external DLLs unless they are in the host application's directory, or in system32.

    I've been lead to believe (why, I'm not sure, since I haven't found ANY information on doing this) that I need to create an "assembly", by creating a "manifest" that points to my external DLLs. This should theoretically allow me to put my dependencies alongside my main plugin DLL without scattering my files every which way.

    Is this possible? If so, can you write on this or other techniques on achieving something like this?

  • Can you perhaps elaborate on some of the registry settings used by Vista media center.

    I experienced stuttering in vista media center with a Terratec Cinergy 2400i DVB-T tuner (with >90% signal strength) until I tweaked some of the DVR settings as follows

    My latest settings are

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\Video\Tuners\DVR]







    This was somewhat of an educated guess - I'm theorising that the I/O between the card and MCE/disk needs some more capacity esp when system is busy (3gb ram, Pentium D 820 dual core, 2 disk striped for MCE in a Dell PC) .

    A vendor supplied TV recording prog has no stutter whatsoever.

    I'm still thinking I need to retweak these slightly, but am I working along the right lines? I think there's quite a number of people out there with this issue.

    Note: since I have 3Gb of ram I'm not bothered about using significant (250Mb?) ram for MCE.

  • Hi,

    can you tell me how to restore ACL permissions which i backed up already to a file using subinacl /outputlog="outputfile.log". I read it in a manual /play file option is used to restore the ACL permissions. but when i try this option it resore nothing. i.e., there is no users and groups in ACL list and we have to create it manually. im wondering is there any option used along with /playfile?. or is there any way to restore these acl permissions from the output file?

  • Hi Ilavaa - I'm sorry, but I'm not really familiar with that functionality in SubInAcl so I don't know the answer to this question.  There is a file named subinacl.htm that is installed next to subinacl.exe when you install that tool, and it contains examples and descriptions of the command line switches, so it might help to take a look at that.

  • I'm using my xBox360 as a Media Center extender. Unfortunately, the Media Center remote is controlling both the TV and the PC at the same time. This has the undesired effect of running random commands on my computer when all I want to do is watch TV. Is there a way to disable the remote from controlling the PC?

  • Hi Sanchst - Yes, this is a setting you can control in your Xbox Dashboard.  I forget exactly where it is, but I believe it is on the system tab.  There is a remote control menu that looks like the picture in the blog post at http://mediacenter.mattgoyer.com/archives/2006/06/06/1130 and you can toggle your remote to only work with the Xbox 360 and not with Media Center on your PC.

  • After installing Office 2003 about 2 weeks after installing a fresh copy of Vista Home Premium, Media Center suddenly stopped recognising my TV Tuner which was working beautifully up until that point.

    Plus, around the same time I started noticing weird graphical glitches in the text in Vista games like Minesweeper and Solitaire.

    I did a System Restore back to the point just before installing Office and the Media Center error message changed from "No TV Tuner detected" to "a required file is missing or corrupt" (or something to that effect). This suggests to me that Office overwrote a system file with its own (older) version, causing the TV tuner to stop working, but when I got rid of  Office, the file wasn't replaced with the original.

    I also tried running the Vista Startup Repair utility to see if it could repair any system files that had been corrupted but it didn't detect any problems.

    I have the latest drivers for both my TV Tuner and my graphics card installed.

    Any clues?

  • Hi Jono1 - Windows Vista includes a feature called Windows Resource Protection that will prevent applications from being able to replace system files, so I don't think that Office would have corrupted anything on your system to cause this type of error in Media Center.

    I'd suggest trying the suggestions listed by me and by other folks in the comments of the post at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2007/03/16/how-to-repair-media-center-files-and-registry-entries-on-windows-vista.aspx to see if they help at all in this scenario.

  • Hi there

    You write about how developers can fix the nightmares surrounding the Visual C++ runtime DLL's. The VC runtime DLL's are relied upon by millions of applications and yet there are versions with serious bugs in them.

    See: http://www.google.co.za/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=%22This+application+has+requested+the+Runtime+to+terminate+it+in+an+unusual+way.%22&btnG=Search&meta=

    There are thousands of entries relating to this bug.

    Microsoft does not seem to want to propose a resolution to this problem. We are told to contact Microsoft Professional Services.

  • I would like to see something on these topics:

    1) How to create an AIP for the latest WinSDK. Specifically, what on earth are the command line options for the WinSDK's setup.exe (it kinda looks like a vs2005 installer, but not quite).

    2) How to convert the web based .NET 3.5 Beta1 Framework Runtime installer to an offline installer (unofficially). Specifically, I want to tell the setup.exe to just create a local cache of the various setup packages it may use and then be able to modify the ini/sdb in that cache so that I could burn the whole thing to a CD.

    3) CABSFX, CABSFX, CABSFX! One of the biggest mysteries is this CABSFX installer format you use for more and more packages these days. It isn't just limited to hotfixes anymore, either. MS released info on IExpress, but you guys are so tight-lipped about CABSFX. Isn't about time that Microsoft spilled the beans on this utility and made it public, like IExpress? At the very least, how the heck do you force the location of the temporary files it extracts?!? Just because a drive is available does not mean I want it used for this purpose.

  • Wer weiss wann Office Live in der Schweiz eingeführt wird? Als KMU wäre das natürlich extrem interessant zu wissen....

  • I'd like to create an .msi installer using Visual Studio 9 that will install the 3.5 .net framework w\o asking the user to go to the web and then install my application. So the user downloads my msi and from then on out all they have to do is click next and accept licensing agreements. I don't mind if the installer is a bootstrapper and downloads stuff from the web -- just so long as the user doesn't have to intercede to start the downloads.

    And what would really be great is a codeplex project to do this. I can't help but think that this is a very common and vanilla scenario (and hope!) of third party developers. It would be a very interesting exercise for MS to undertake to see how easy\difficult it is for 3ed parties to create such an .msi.




    Please help.

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