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Suggest a topic for a future blog post....

Suggest a topic for a future blog post....

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I am going to keep track of ideas for future blog posts with this blog article.  I'll add my own ideas as they come to me, and I also welcome suggestions from anyone out there who would like to suggest a topic.  I am going to use the following guidelines:

  1. Please use the comment functionality on the blog server to suggest anything you think sounds interesting
  2. Keep in mind my areas of expertise from the tag line of my blog - general setup and deployment issues, WiX, XNA Game Studio, the .NET Framework and Visual Studio.  I know about things outside of these areas, but my level of depth of knowledge may vary widely depending on the topic, and I am not going to pretend to be an expert and post about a topic I am not very familiar with
  3. I will remove comments as I create posts that address them


  • Hi Sam.Desilva15 - This GUID is used internally by Windows Installer and it does not represent the component GUID or product code.  The value of this GUID is not officially documented and should not be relied on in any way by any process other than Windows Installer itself.

  • How about an Iplayer for Xbox or other catch up TV services.

  • Hi Aaron,

    I'm stuck.  My main server in the office is refusing to install any .NET updates/fixes/patches.  I have run your netfx_setupverifier and it successfully checks whatever is installed on the system: .NET 1.1 SP1, .NET 2 SP2, .NET 3 SP1, and .NET 3.5.  Any attempts to update them fail, whether using Microsoft Update or direct installation.  I did some extensive reading on the subject but so far don't know which way to go.  Would be able to help me?  


  • Hi PMZ01 - What I usually suggest in this type of scenario is to uninstall the versions of the .NET Framework that are on your computer, re-install them, and try again to apply the .NET Framework updates that are available on Windows Update.  You can find a set of steps and a tool to help you do this at blogs.msdn.com/.../8108332.aspx.

  • Hi Aaron,

    Thank You for your help. I will look at that article.  But before I start repairing/removing any .Net components I would like to know if this will affect the functionality of my server.  This server is my production Exchange 2003 server and I would not like to find out that Exch2003 requires .Net 2.0 to run.  

  • Hi PMZ01 - Uninstalling the .NET Framework could affect the functionality of your server, but that is why I suggested re-installing it afterwards.   If this is a production server, you'll need to be careful and schedule some downtime while you do this because there are likely to be things that do not work correctly in between the time that you uninstall and the time that you re-install.

  • Hi Aaron,

    I'd love to see a topic on how to create unattended network installations for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 express which don't require a network file share, but instead work against a local (internal) HTTP server.

  • Hi Chad - I don't believe that Visual Studio setup supports that type of scenario.  You might want to ask on the Visual Studio setup forums just in case though - social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../threads.

  • Hello Aaron,

    There is very little information about any custom action testing framework we could use in MSI's.

    Can you once talk about it in one of your blog posts?

    I would be interested in Lux


    Kiran Hegde

  • Hi Kiran Hegde - I don't have any personal experience using Lux or with unit testing custom actions.  There is some information about how to use Lux in the WiX documentation at wix.sourceforge.net/.../lux.htm and wix.sourceforge.net/.../lux_xsd_index.htm, so hopefully that'll help you get started.

  • Hi from the UK.

    Now I don't want to beg but please, please , please can you help with error code 1935 when trying to install MS Visual studio C++ versions.

    My issue started when trying to install a video editing suite from Corel. It tries to install or config MS Visual 2005-2008. But it fails due to 1935.

    After weeks of searching logs and asking on forums it seems this issue has been going on for years and is very common yet no fix other than reinstall Windows is offered.

    If you check out this forum post (mine) it will save me adding loads of log details here. social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../unable-to-install-64bit-ms-visual-2008-32bit-installed-ok But this issue so needs your help, you would make a lot of users very happy and have our undying gratitude :) Thanks.  Mike

  • Hi Mike Trodd - I've posted a reply to your forum post, and I also replied to the blog comment about this issue that you posted at blogs.msdn.com/.../491653.aspx.  Hopefully this helps.

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