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Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 troubleshooting guide

Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 troubleshooting guide

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This article serves as a central location for all links to troubleshooting documentation that has been published for Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.  As new documentation is created, I will continue to add to this article.

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  • Here's a new one - Create CD/DVD functionality decreases after upgrade. I can no longer fit as much on a video DVD as I could before the upgrade. Any suggestions?
  • Hi Jack - You may want to try to uninstall and reinstall the Sonic encoding software to see if that helps here. Also, how much of a decrease in capacity are you seeing in your scenarios?
  • Thanks Aaron. That solved the problem. I'm back to being able to record 2 hours of tv.
  • Didn't see this in your list of issues, but I am experiencing random TV recordings that I didn't schedule since I installed Rollup 2. I know of at least one other person having the same issue. Once a week or so a program records on some random channel at some random time. Very weird.
  • Aaron,

    Have you heard of this issue?

    Since applying RU2, if I play anything with an AC3 soundtrack (e.g. HDTV, DVD), then non-AC3 sound (including Media Center sounds, analog TV and non-AC3 .avi's) will cease working unless I exit out of MCE to Windows and then restart the MCE interface. I can resolve this issue by uninstalling RU2. There are numerous people over on the TheGreenButton forums and other spots on the net having this issue. Everyone I've seen with this problem is using a Via Envy chipset-based sound card. I've completely reimaged my Media Center (much to the chagrin of my wife) and still have this issue. Here are my system specs:

    -PIV 2.4ghz CPU
    -Asus P4G8X-D Motherboard
    -1gb Crucial DDR
    -Radeon 9800 Pro
    -200gb WD Caviar PATA HD
    -Chaintech AV-710 soundcard (Envy 24HT chipset)-connected to 5.1 Receiver by Optical/Toslink cable
    -Nec 2500a DVDRW
    -Hauppage PVR-250MCE
    -Hauppage PVR-150MCE
    -Ahanix D.Vine5 case

    Your help is appreciated. I enjoy the blog. I just started reading it recently. Keep up the good work!

  • I upgraded to both an HD (ATSC) tuner (AverMedia A180) as well as updating to rollup 2. I can record HD dvr-ms files perfectly, but am unable to burn them as a Video DVD. I can still burn (most) Standard Def (NTSC) shows, however. I have the sonic solutions encoder on my system, but rollup 2 was supposed to "improve" the functionality of burning DVDs as well as allow for HD recording (via down-converting the video) but still keeping decent quality.

    I have tried several third-party editing tools for dvr-ms files (i.e.--to convert them to other file formats) but none have worked out for me so far.

    A more detailed description (if this one doesn't make much sense) is posted here: http://www.thegreenbutton.com/community/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=41&MessageID=148960

    I'm at an impasse here... any thoughts?
  • Last week I installed a Dell XPS 600. Initially I was able to view all of my DirecTV programming including HBO. I was playing with video card settings and an error occured. I rebooted and since then I get the restricted content message on HBO. I have tried everything I could find to correct this:

    - Deleting DRM files and resetting as described on this site.
    - Reinstalling the decoder.
    - A napster DRM reset utility that was recommended.

    After everything I still get the restricted content message after about 30 seconds on HBO. I am able to rip CD's with copy protection enabled, then replay them. Does anybody else have any suggestions? Can I try to reinstall rollup 2?

    I really like the way media center works but this is very frustrating.
  • Hi Stephen - Generally, the suggestion I have people try in your situation is to uninstall and reinstall the Sonic Encoders package. It sounds like you have already tried that based on your Green Button post, but if not could you please try that?

    If that doesn't help, can you use the steps listed at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2005/11/17/494255.aspx to enable logging for DVD burning and then try to create a DVD, let it fail, and send me the log at aaronste@microsoft.com so I can try to take a look?

    Hi Todd - Normally, deleting the contents of the DRM folder (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM) will resolve this issue. You need to make sure that there is not any process running that has any of those files in use so that you can fully delete the folder and not leave any files behind.

    If that still doesn't work for you, can you try the steps listed at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2005/10/30/487136.aspx to gather the error code and let me know what it is so I can try to ask around and see if there are other suggestions to try here?
  • Okay, here's my problem. I'm running Media Center through a Directv set top box (D10). I programed the Media Center remote control and it seemed to take. My problem is with the channel up/down functions. If I'm on channel 206, for example, and I hit channel up on my MC remote, MC types in 2-0-7. If I go up again it types 2-0-8. So to scroll through the channels takes forever as it enters each channel number. Did I do something wrong in the setup, or is this just a glitch?
  • Hi Brent - The behavior you are seeing (Media Center types in the channel number when you press channel up/down with the remote) is expected behavior for set-top boxes.

    There is an option in Media Center Setup when you configure the remote control and test IR blasting to enable "fast" channel changing. You may want to try to re-run this portion of Media Center Setup and see if the "fast" option helps at all here.

    Unfortunately, this channel change option will still not be as fast as changing the channels directly through the set-top box outside of Media Center.

  • Hi Aaron

    After installing RU2 it seems to me that my video settings have been changed and are out of my control. I am running on a nvidia 6600LE card in dual view mode with my MCE on my TV as the second screen. Tried several nvidia drivers to no avail sofar.

    Before RU2, I was able to use the nvidia control panel to make adjustments to the screen's brightness, positioning, size, etc. Now, when I make such changes they seem to be discarded as soon as MCE is displayed full screen on my TV. When returning to a 'normal' windows screen all the before mentioned changes become effective again.

    The real problem here being that since RU2 my screen has shifted a couple of inches to the right, loosing subtitles and such on the right side. How do I re-gain control over my video/visual settings in MCE with RU2?
  • Another problem with update rollout 2, I have a Sony VAIO VGC-RA840G one of the applications that come with the VAIO is VAIO Media that allows you to stream TV, Video's, etc to other PC's on your network. It worked fine before Rollout 2, since the update every time I try to start the media server it get a "One or more of the servers could not be started" error. I have downloaded and installed all the updates I can find for the Media Server in the hopes it would fix the problem, I have even uninstalled and reinstalled VAIO Media and still no luck, any ideas would be appreciated.
  • hi
    im having some trouble wih windows media centre
    i can view videos fine on a normal media player but when i try o view video's in media centre the screen flickers and also when you turn the volume up the screen goes black until the volume monitor in the corner disapears this is the same when viewing tv and when you change channel the blue bar at the bottom appears and the screen goes black

    can anyone help me because this is really annoying

    thank you
  • Hi Darren - I would suggest trying to update your video drivers and decoder to see if it will help resolve this issue. I'm sorry for the hassles.
  • hi, ever since i installed rollup 2 my screen has become very bright very much like what don talyer's problem is. I have tried to change the setting but no effect. Although when i run media center in the maximized view it looks fine but if i minimize it it becomes very bright and if i play a  game the screen goes back to normal. Do you have any suggestions??

    Thank you,   Matt
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