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Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 troubleshooting guide

Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 troubleshooting guide

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This article serves as a central location for all links to troubleshooting documentation that has been published for Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.  As new documentation is created, I will continue to add to this article.

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  • Hi Matt - I haven't heard of any issues related to video display brightness like you describe.  I don't know of any reason why Media Center would affect the brightness of the display when Media Center is not running.  You might want to check for updated video drivers and also check the settings on your monitor for brightness.
  • Hello, and thank you for your outstanding efforts to support MCE users:

    I recently built a MCE 2005 PC, with an Asus MB, Intel P4 3.4GB, 1GB RAM, SATA HD, ATI-based Radeon X800XL graphics adapter, and a ATI Theater 550 PRO PCIE TV tuner card (both from ATI-partner OEMs).  When viewing live NTSC TV in a overlay window on the desktop, or in full-screen, and then switching to the other mode, the TV video will usually freeze, go blank, or otherwise become corrupted.  The only way to recover is to quit Media Center and restart it (no need to reboot).  As long as I start in the desired mode and don't switch, everything else works fine.  The graphics adapter is connected to my HDTV via a VIVO component video dongle (which, BTW, doesn't support copy protection, so it won't show commercial DVDs, but that's not an issue for me).  I have the very latest ATI drivers for both the graphics adapter and TV tuner.  Any ideas?  This doesn't happen when running the TV tuner card with third-party TV software.

  • Alright, so i have an ATI AIW 9700, im using xp media center 2005. i am having the same problem as a lot of other people with "no tuner hardware found". i foudn this website and tried all three ways to fix the problem. none of them worked so i searched harder, found out that haugpagge says to reinstall .net 1.1 sp 1 and then install rollup 2 and that that shoudl fix the problem. still no go, i dont know what else to do, i have the decoder installed and i know the tuner works as ati's mmc works fine. please help anyone
  • I don't know if this is a related issue, but I am not sure where else I can turn.  I just built an HTPC with a Gigabyte mobo, P4 2.4, MSI Nvidia 5200, 512 Mb RAM, Hauppauge PVR 150 lp, D-Link wireless card.  Everything works just fine until I try to detect the set-top box.  It either crashes (blue-screen) and re-starts the computer or freezes at the decting tv input screen.  I have updated the Hauppauge drivers and the nvidia drivers.

    Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!
  • My shows do not record since I've updated. They claim to have some temporary error or power failure when I go look at them in the history. Help me.
  • Hi Ryan - I am not sure what would cause a system crash at that stage of Media Center TV setup.  Are there any entries in the application or system event logs on your system that might help narrow this down?  It may also be worth trying to update other drivers on your system to see if that helps.

    Hi Jordan - Does this happen for all shows or just some?  Have you also installed the latest Media Center update rollup (located at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=72a3a3e7-ebba-4aa8-8f98-6d89ed5a42a8&DisplayLang=en)?
  • I took it upon myself to try and fix my Media Center problem once and for all.  A friend and I have tried everything we could think of, but to no avail.  

    I could not find anything useful in the Event Viewer, and the stop errors (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and Page fault in non-paged area) led me to believe there was a driver or hardware problem.

    I put the Hauppauge tuner into another computer with the same drivers and I was able to get it working without any issues.  I exchanged the videocard for one that I knew operated well with Windows MCE and the same crashes happened.  I exchanged the momory module with another make/brand/bus speed twice but the same crashes continued.  I removed all other cards, including the D-Link wireless and the crashes continued.  I re-formatted the HDD and re-installed Windows MCE and was careful to only install the newest drivers for each hardware component, but the crashes continued.  I then suspected that perhaps it was a software issue and tried SageTV and BeyondTV but had the same crashes in both programs on the afflicted computer, but they worked just fine with the same tuner on a second computer.  Both of these programs crashed as they were detecting the signal from the tuner.  It is interesting, however, that when my friend and I tired to get MSN messenger 7.5 to input information from the tuner, we did get a black screen but with coloured lines through it, as if the TV signal were coming from a very poor quality antenna.

    I think I may have to replace my motherboard, as it is the only thing left that I can think of.  It is a Gigabyte 8VM533M-RZ.  I updated all of the drivers and even tried newer versions of the BIOS, but nothing worked.

    Am I on the right track?  Thanks again!  
  • Hi Ryan - I am not positive you are on the right track, but you are trying all of the same techniques that I would try if I was running into that problem - trying to isolate the root cause by removing other variables from the system.  Could this be an issue with the signal strength on your configuration?  Sorry I'm not more helpful here  :-(
  • Thank you for your help, regardless!  I purchased a new motherboard today and it worked perfectly.  I have since heard that Hauppauge 150 cards do not play well with VIA chipsets, and this seems to have been the case with my system.

  • Hi,

    I am having a strange issue with black screen when in 1200 X 768 mode. When MCE starts up the screen goes black. However, I can see my mouse pointer and when I hit the MS Start button on my keyboard, the taskbar appears as well as the start menu, and media center shows up on the screen. I can mouse over different buttons and the sound effects occur and highlights around the various options happen. However, as soon as I click the mouse button inside media center, the screen goes black again.

    When I am in 1024 X 768 mode this doesn't happen, however, it looks like crap on my widescreen flat panel since everything gets stretched...

    I have installed all patches and updates for my video card and MCE but I am still having this problem.


  • Hi Matt - This sounds like an issue with the display mode configuration for either your display or your Media Center.  I would suggest double-checking one more time to make sure you have the latest drivers for your video/display adapter on your Media Center computer, then re-run display setup for Media Center after configuring the screen resolution you want to use within Media Center.

    Depending on what video card you have, there may also be a display resolution configuration tool that could be downloaded and installed from the video card manufacturer's web site that may help tweak the display resolution, refresh rate, and other settings that might fix the display output issue you're seeing.

    Sorry I'm not able to be more helpful here.
  • Hi,

    I've done research and haven't come across anything that has helped with this issue. Basically, if I am watching an HDTV channel, and the "No TV Signal" message comes, MCE completely freezes. This is a weak signal for the channel. This used to happen in the past, but would either come back with the signal, or allow me to change channels. MCE does neither now. I don't believe I have installed anything outside of Windows Update software that has come through on the machine. I've checked event logs for any indication of the cause of the problem and none is seen. As soon as I end task MCE, the system is back to normal. When MCE is frozen, the CPU usuage is about 35%.

    Any advice/help is much apprecatiated.



    MCE 2005,Intel 3.0ghz, 865gbf mb/NVIDIA 6200-128mb video card w/latest drivers, Nvidia pure video gold,1 gb memory, AverMedia 180 HDTV card
  • I have 2 MCE's connected in a network. One is still on RU1, the second rig on RU2.

    The problem:  I can play all the shows recorded on my RU1 rig on the RU2 rig, but when I try to play a show recorded on the RU2 rig on my RU 1 rig, no sound. Something to do with AC3? All other files, like avi etc.. play on either.
  • Hi Hareesh - I am sorry to say that I am not sure what to suggest for your scenario.  You may want to try to fix the signal strength issue to workaround this.

    Hi Robby - There were changes made to the TV playback pipeline in Update Rollup 2, so it is understandable that these recordings would not be backward compatible.  It is supported to play shows recorded in the previous version in the new version but it isn't necessarily supported to play shows recorded in the new version in the previous version.  Sorry for the inconvenience here.
  • I just purchased an HP m7350n to replace my aging Dell and it came preinstalled with Update Rollup 2.  I had previously used Media Center and loved the nonlinear zoom mode included with UR2, however my new PC does not seem to have the fourth zoom option!  I've tried various MPEG-2 encoders as well as reinstalling Update Rollup 2.  I've downloaded every hotfix available on Windows Update and all the updates from HP but still nothing.  It's not available during live TV play, recorded TV playback or video playback.  Any assistance would be appreciated.
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