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Troubleshooting suggestions for guide download errors in Media Center

Troubleshooting suggestions for guide download errors in Media Center

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I have heard from several customers so far who have encountered television guide download errors after installing Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005.  One of the customers sent me a link to a lengthy newsgroup thread that has several suggestions to fix or workaround guide download issues.  I wanted to consolidate some of the suggestions listed there and also include some other suggestions I have heard from other sources to try to unblock anyone who currently cannot get guide download working correctly.

  1. Make sure that your system clock is set to the correct time and time zone for the region you are located in.  Note also that daylight savings time ended this past weekend in the United States and also earlier in October in Europe so if you do not have the box checked to automatically adjust the time for daylight savings time changes, you may have to manually adjust your clock to account for this
  2. Eliminate possible XML parsing problems caused by previously downloaded guide data by renaming the directory %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Ehome\EPG (I suggest renaming rather than deleting in case you want to revert back to the previous data later on).  Then open Media Center, go to Settings, then TV, then Guide, then Set up Guide Listings and configure guide download one more time to regenerate this folder and (hopefully) the contents
  3. Launch Media Center, choose Settings, then General, then Media Center Setup and choose to not use the guide.  Then restart the machine, relaunch Media Center and run Media Center setup again and choose to use the guide again
  4. Re-register the Media Center guide DLL by clicking on the Start menu, choosing Run, typing cmd and then running the command line %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\regasm.exe %windir%\ehome\ehepgdat.dll
  5. Temporarily disable any anti-virus, anti-spyware or firewall software that you have installed on your system, then launch Media Center and try to download guide data again
  6. Uninstall McAfee Privacy Service if you have it installed

If none of the above suggestions work, you can do the following to look for more detailed error information:

  1. Click on the Start menu, choose Run and type eventvwr.exe
  2. Right-click on the Application event log and choose Save Log File As
  3. Save the log file as appevent.evt
  4. Locate the Media Center guide download log files.  They should be located in the directory named something like C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\ehome\EPG\TraceHelper

Our development team is also working on debugging a couple of guide download issues that we have been able to get access to repro machines for.  I will continue to update my blog as we find out any new information about these issues.

<update date="12/8/2005"> Added additional suggested workaround of running regasm.exe for ehepgdat.dll </update>

<update date="12/14/2005"> Added additional suggested workaround of disabling anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software on the system </update>

<update date="1/9/2006"> Added additional log information that can be useful in tracking down guide download issues </update>


  • I have a strange problem with Vista on my Dell D800 Laptop with MCE 2005. When I start Media Center it says "Your video card or drivers are not compatible with Media Center" and it does not play any video files even though I can play the same from Media Plyer. Surpringly the video card NVidia GeForce FX Go5200 is listed as supported card from Media Center technical notes; and I have the latest driver.

    Shall we know what is the problem here...searching web revealed no clue

    We really appreciate it
  • oops..its not Vista OS, its MCE 2005 in my previous comment
  • Is there any known issue with accented letters with the guide in Rollup 2? Since I installed it, all my accented letters are screwed and replaced by other characters.
  • Hi Jerome

    re: your issue, here is news from Chris Hill [MSFT] (via the newsgroups)

    Hi Folks,

    I have good news and (kind of) Bad news about this.

    Bad News: The cause of this has a larger impact than just the accented characters being changed. Testing and Quality assurance has not signed off on the solution. We will not be rolling out the solution until a full test
    pass is done and all parties involved have signed off on it.

    Good News: We know the cause and have a solution that is not only under development but has the fix already done and checked in for testing. What this means is that the issue is server side, not client so you will not need to download any patches.
  • Thanks for the answer.
  • I have an issue in zipcode 32221 that will get the correct cable company, with 2 options. The first is for the standard cable and the second is for the digital cable. It will give me an error 23 if I try to use the standard cable for the guide, which is what I wanted, but it will without fail load the guide for the digital cable, all 800+ cannels. An thoughts.

    John Campanale
  • when i try to gather information for the sevice providers, it does not connect to the internet it says that "connecting to the in ternet failed. wouould you like to try again". i have done this for many days and it hasnt come up with the required screen. i have looked all over the help sections on the pc and i have googled it to the high heavens and still no luck. i do have an internet connection whih is wireless, i was wondering if thi had anything to do with this. a reply would be much appreciated

    thanks, chaz
  • First off, thanks to you for solving my rollup 2 problems -- I was hitting my head against a wall!

    But my guide has now stopped working -- I was getting occasional cannot connect errors, but the guide updated often enough to be usable. Now, it just sits at zero, and has to be manually stopped. The last update I attempted -- last night at 10 pm, was still at 0% this morning at 8:30 am!

    [Personally, that is stretching the 'this may take a few minutes...' dialog a bit.]

    I have removed the cypher folder contents, deleted old guide listings, restarted the PC after selecting no guide, tried selecting cable instead of antenna, changed my zip code, et cetera but I have nothing except for one very odd observation -- there are a few shows still scheduled to record in the future(!) -- not all of my schedule, mind you, but a handful of random ones. (Yet nothing is listed in the guide).

    I do find it to be quite upsetting that this seems to be the no. 1 complaint on the internet and on the microsoft community board, yet the only way I found the 'complaint page' on the microsoft web site about this (and yes, there was one) was drilling three or four levels down in a web search (not the microsoft site search, mind you -- it has no clue the page was there).

    Thank you for letting me vent -- I wouldn't be so upset if I hadn't rearranged my life (and my living-room!) around this bit of software.
  • Hi Eric - I'm very sorry that you're running into this guide download issue. Do you have any entries in your application event log related to guide download (there is a description for how to find them at the end of this blog post just before the start of the comments section)?

  • trying to download provider listings but keeps saying unknown connection failure. Internet working fine though. (wireless connection via router). Any ideas?
  • Hi Glyn - can you please use the steps listed above in this blog post to locate and export the application event log and send it to me at aaronste@microsoft.com so I can try to take a look?

  • Any ideas what would be causing an error code 13 (failure to download guide data)?

    My internet connection is fine. When entering my zip code in mce, it returns the local cable providers. But when it tries to download the guide data it dies everytime. Brand new machine. Thanks :)
  • Hi Craven - can you please try to browse to an HTTPS web page in your internet browser (and not just an HTTP web page) and see if that works? Also, can you please try the workarounds listed at the top of this blog post if you haven't already (since you didn't mention in your commment whether or not you have).

  • Thanks for this guide. Just had a (UK) epg download failure 33 - after reading this checked the system date/time, and the year was 2106... Fixing this solved the problem.
  • Aaron, thanks for the reply. Sorry I left out details.

    Yes, can browse to https. Yes, tried workarounds above with no luck.

    I will send you the zip file as noted above.

    The error 13 states "Failure attempting to download new Guide data. Please ensure that you are connected to the Internet. If you connect through a LAN, ensure that your proxy or firewall has been properly configured." But nowhere can I find what the proper configuration should be.

    Thaks for your help!
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