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List of all possible Media Center guide download errors

List of all possible Media Center guide download errors

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I've published an article that contains a full list of the possible error codes that can be encountered while trying to download Media Center guide data.  This list includes some suggested remedies for each error, and also describes how to navigate through your Application event log to locate the error codes and error strings so that you can match them to the list.  If you are running into guide download errors in Media Center, I encourage you to check out the Guide Download Error Codes article to see if any of the information in it can help resolve the issue for you.


  • Just bought a new Dell, tut tut, with XP MCE pre-installed.  After I uninstalled the trial version of Norton, cos it's rubbish, Media center constantly gives me Runtime errors and the opportunity to debug. Great. Anyone got any suggestions.  It's really bugging me.  Thanks.
  • Hi Enkryptor - Can you please provide more detail about the errors you are receiving?  When do you see the errors (what actions are you performing within Media Center)?  Also, what is the exact text of the error message?
  • thank you guys so much. the links really helped. although i did have to switch model numbers.
  • I just purchused Media Center 2005 from tigerdirct.com... I have installed the software and my tv tuner and everything works great except my tv guide listings. I have downloaded the guide for my area and it happens to be 3 hours fast. Is there any way to fix this issue. My system clock and everything is correct I also tryed downloading other listings and there all showing up 3 hours from the time now.
  • Hi David - I am not sure what would be causing this issue.  Are you sure you are entering zip code information that matches your geographic location?
  • PingBack from http://www.keyongtech.com/2810240-guide-erro

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