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How to resolve TV glitching in Media Center 2005 on dual core AMD computers

How to resolve TV glitching in Media Center 2005 on dual core AMD computers

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Some customers have been reporting TV glitching issues in Media Center 2005, and Dave Fleischman has narrowed down one of the root causes to be an issue with dual core AMD systems.  He got a hold of one of these machines and was able to easily reproduce the issue, and further research showed that the problem affected other applications (specifically, games) and not just Media Center.  Fortunately AMD has released a processor update pack on their hotfix website to address this issue.  If you are running into this issue, you will want to download and apply this update for the dual core processor from that site.


  • It's really interesting that this update from AMD is over 6 months old. It goes to show that people stop getting their system drivers up to date once they 'think' everything looks like it is working right.
  • There's something odd about the update on the AMD site.  The text specifically says that it's version but when I install it, the hardware manager says that it's version  I wonder if the link is pointing to a wrong (older) driver.  The reason I even looked was that I started to get these "stutters" in microsoft word.
  • You guys are awesome.  Thanks for the info on the fix.

    Johnny Utah
  • Dave -
    You are the man.  I can't believe I went through so much trouble finding such an easy fix.  You should get paid by Gateway/Circuit City's as a Tech Support.

  • Thanks so much. You definitely should get a cut from Gateway's tech support.
  • i just bought a gateway 5032, with a 4200+ x2 processor, i updated the driver for amd, the video card and ati's driver as well.. and i am stil getting it to lock up on me during 'live tv' at various intervals.  any ideas on how to fix this? should i uninstall the roll back?

  • Hi Eric - Typically this type of freezing is caused by driver or decoder issues, assuming you have already installed the AMD update listed above.  You may want to try to update your video and audio drivers as well as check for any updates for the decoder you are using.  Finally, you may want to check and see if there are any other processes running on your system that are consuming a lot of processor resources and see if stopping those processes help resolve this issue.
  • I just bought a Gateway 5045 and was having trouble with the television screen freezing constantly. I found your site after doing a Google search. Thanks for posting the link to the fix... you've saved me from a load of hassles.
  • Hmm... tried applying but says it can't locate or find c:\boot.ini - because the way my drives are set up my hard drive is g: - can't seem to modify this - any suggestions?
  • Hi Dave - I am not sure why you would be getting this error from this AMD hotfix package.  I would suggest trying to contact AMD to see if they can help with this package install failure because I'm not familiar with the details about how that hotfix package works.  I'm sorry I'm not able to be more helpful here.
  • I bought a Gateway GT5034 and had the TV tuner constantly freezing. I updated all of the drivers and had no luck until I found this page. Now it works great. Thank you so much for researching this problem and finding a fix. It saved me much frustration. Thanks again!
  •  You fixed it!!  Great job!!!  AMD should be notifying its dual core vendors.

      I agree with Ariel and Dan - to put you on the AMD/Circuit City payroll - and now Best Buy which is where I got my GM5032 Gateway AMD 64 x2 dual core processor.

      Mine was freezing after about 30 seconds until I would switch channels (which would play for another 30 seconds or so before skipping, then locking.)  It also froze on recorded playbacks as well as Live TV.

      Thanks for making this quick and, um, easy.

  • Without going into too much excruciating detail, I also purchased a Gateway system with an AMD Dual Core processor and Windows Media Center.  For over three weeks, I watched both Live and Recorded TV stutter, stammer and freeze up until it drove me bats.  In addition, the recording lengths were always completely wierd..ie. an hour program would be reflected as anywhere from 5 hours 34 minutes, to 31 (!!!??) hours.  When I found this page & ran the AMD processor update, it fixed all these problems in a heartbeat.  My deepest gratitude to Dave, Aaron
    and all those who commented about the hotfix on this site.  Outstanding!!!

  • Nice that AMD has released a patch for their processor.  Any ideas about Intel 820 dual core 2.8GHz?  I have a ONE YEAR OLD Gateway 5014 that has spent its first year of life being RMA'd.  Gateway tech now refuses to assist.  It was unable to run MCE (50% functional) right out of the box... now it's 80% functional - at least MCE works, somewhat.

    My problem is that the image freezes every 24 seconds (just image, software and OS are fine).   I have to either hit REPLAY or STOP then OK for it to continue.  The 24 second freeze is pretty consistent.  This freeze affects both Live TV and playback of recorded shows.

    I recently upgraded the case fan and that cooled the CPU by about 5-10C and I also just upgraded the video card to an ATI Radeon XL800 card thinking there may be incompatibility with the stock on-board video, but no improvement on MCE playback.  Help!


  • Interesting phwang.

    I now have Vista Media Center RTM running with a twin tuner Terratec TV card (2400iDT) and am getting really fed up with Media Center stuttering.

    I've gone through Bios updates, just tried the latest nvidia drivers, moved the video over to a striped volume etc.

    Interestingly though for me is that the Terratec "Home Cinema" package can show & record live TV *with no stuttering whatsoever* yet Vista Media Center CANNOT.

    I've not yet found a precise pattern to the stuttering though.

    This suggests it's something media center specific for me... or perhaps just that the terratec software does more buffering?

    I too have a Pentium D 820 2*2.8Ghz though!

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