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How to resolve TV glitching in Media Center 2005 on dual core AMD computers

How to resolve TV glitching in Media Center 2005 on dual core AMD computers

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Some customers have been reporting TV glitching issues in Media Center 2005, and Dave Fleischman has narrowed down one of the root causes to be an issue with dual core AMD systems.  He got a hold of one of these machines and was able to easily reproduce the issue, and further research showed that the problem affected other applications (specifically, games) and not just Media Center.  Fortunately AMD has released a processor update pack on their hotfix website to address this issue.  If you are running into this issue, you will want to download and apply this update for the dual core processor from that site.


  • I just bought a Media Center PC with a AMD 64 chip on Jan-15th 2007 ... I had this freezing up issue... would start slow and get worse until it would hang up totally. I was worried this fix was old but I used it and it worked!

    No more freezes!

    Thank you so much for this helpful fix.

    Glenn Lyvers


  • No such luck for me.  The video still hesitates and freezes even after a decoder upgrade, all drivers upgraded, and this additional patch.  

    The freezing and hesitation occurs with recorded video and live TV.  

    I guess I will look at a few of the other patches AMD has posted and see I get lucky or if my PC dies.

    I have a freshly installed Media Center 2005 with all updates including Rollup2.  The video card and tuner card are being reused from another PC I had with Media Center 2004.  All worked great with that box.  I thought upgrading would be a great thing...boy I was mistaking.  2005 MCE has been a pain and it has only been two weeks!


    OK, so I performed a few additional tests since applying the AMD patch described above.  

    New videos do not freeze or hesitate at all.  

    Live TV does not freeze or hesitate at all.  

    I am not sure what changed.  I rebooted as I needed to after applying the patch.  I have not installed any additional software, drivers, tools, etc.

    So, basically, pre-recorded content recorded on my machine prior to the patch are hosed.  

    It would be nice if somehow Microsoft can figure out a way to fix the "broken" content, although, since this appears to be a non-Microsoft problem, I think it would show high integrity for Microsoft to provide a workable solution.

  • Hi WonderingAimlessly - I'm glad to hear that new videos and live TV are working, but I'm sorry for the hassle that this issue caused.  I think that the glitches are captured as part of the videos recorded while this firmware issue was still affecting your system, so I'm not sure how it would be possible to fix the glitching content since that glitching is a part of the recording.  It might be worth trying to play the videos in Windows Media Player or a 3rd party viewer to see if it renders the glitches better or something like that.

  • Yes, I forgot to mentioned that.  I saw on another posting that they were able to watch the recordings using Media Player by itself.  I am also.  I tried MP10 and MP11.  But this really doesn't help since I record so that I can watch from my television thru my 360.  

    Doesn't Media Center use Media Player under the hood?

    At this point, I started looking for next show times for the movies I recorded prior to the patch.  Kind of sucks when the kids are disappointed.

  • Hi WonderingAimlessly - I'm very sorry that this issue has caused so much trouble for you, especially for your kids.  Media Center uses Windows Media Player features for the music library, but not for video playback.  Media Center has its own video playback pipeline and has its own logic for handling glitching and things like that.  I'm sorry, but I don't know of any way to get Media Center to play a video that was recorded while glitching was happening.

  • I just want to thank you for your post. I tried new codecs or reinstall windows without success. Now Live TV is perfect. The old videos have problems to play at MCE, but not the news. I really appreciate and I hope you keep helping us.



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  • I am experiencing the exact symptoms as described above with the Windows Media Center. I have a HP computer with an AMD Athlon(tm) x2 Dual Core processor 5600+ 2.80 GHz processor.  When I tried to install the fix as described by Dave Fleischman, (amdcpu.exe), it fails with the error "This operating system is not supported by the Athlon 64 driver. The operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium.  Any idea what fix is needed. It is very annoying, the TV just locks up all the time. I spent endless hours with HP support, and nothing was resolved. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Jim Rice - It sounds like the firmware update package you tried to run doesn't allow you to install it on Windows Vista.  David Fleischman posted a link to a newer version of this firmware update in his blog post at http://blogs.msdn.com/david_fleischman/archive/2006/09/05/741713.aspx.  It might help to try that to see if it will be compatible with Windows Vista.  If not, you may need to search on the AMD web site for a Vista-compatible update package.

    Hopefully this will help.

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