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What to do if Media Center Extender for Xbox 360 setup crashes

What to do if Media Center Extender for Xbox 360 setup crashes

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I have heard from a couple of customers who have tried to download and install the software to enable using Xbox 360 as an Extender for Media Center 2005 with Update Rollup 2, but have encountered a crash dialog from the DvcSetup.exe process at the beginning of setup.  I finally located a computer in our test lab that reproduced this issue and found a possible root cause and workaround in case anyone else runs into this.

Problem description

The Xbox 360 PC setup package crashes almost immediately after it is launched.  The error dialog indicates that DvcSetup.exe crashed, and it may ask if you want to debug the problem.


I was able to use the following steps to clean up the machine in our test lab that exhibited this problem:

  1. Go to Add/Remove Programs and remove the .NET Framework 1.1 (and any .NET Framework 1.1 language packs if you have any installed)
  2. Download the .NET Framework cleanup tool, run it and choose to clean up the .NET Framework 1.1
  3. Reinstall the .NET Framework 1.1 
  4. Reinstall the .NET Framework 1.1 SP1

Details about the root cause if you are interested

On the machine I investigated, the .NET Framework 1.1 had been installed, but none of the files were correctly installed in the global assembly cache (GAC).  I found that there were folders created for each assembly (for example - %windir%\assembly\GAC\Accessibility\1.0.5000.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a), but the folders did not actually contain the assembly.  I also saw the following entries in the verbose MSI log file for the .NET Framework 1.1 on this machine:

MSI (s) (C8:D8): skipping installation of assembly component: {45B8FB98-2A6C-11D6-A551-0090278A1BB8} since the assembly already exists

There is a bug in the version of Fusion that shipped with the .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 where it would skip installing an assembly to the GAC if the folder already existed, even if the file was not in the folder.  Windows Installer uses Fusion to try to install assemblies into the GAC, and as the log file shows, each of the .NET Framework 1.1 assemblies was skipped because Fusion thought they already existed.

So far, I have only seen one scenario where empty folders exist in the GAC and cause this type of behavior for .NET Framework 1.1 setup.  If you have an operating system installed and have the .NET Framework 1.1 installed, and then you peform a clean install of your operating system to the same partition and choose not to format the partition, OS setup will create a new Windows directory for you.  When it does so, OS setup copies your Windows directory to a backup location and creates the same set of folders that previously existed in your Windows directory.  However, OS setup will not mirror any of the files because it assumes that you will want the copies of the files that are a part of the OS setup that you are currently installing.

This type of OS install leaves your computer in a state where the .NET Framework 1.1 assembly folders exist in the GAC, but they are all empty, and then due to the bug in Fusion that I previously installed, reinstalling the .NET Framework 1.1 does not fix the problem.  The workaround I described above will work correctly because the .NET Framework cleanup tool will remove these empty directories, which will allow a reinstall of the .NET Framework 1.1 to correctly install the assemblies to the GAC.


  • Hi Robert - I am not sure what would cause the error that you describe.  I would suggest searching on the Xbox Forums at http://forums.xbox.com and if there is not anything there that helps, you may want to contact Xbox technical support.  I'm sorry I'm not able to be more helpful here.
  • Hi,

    Hopefully you can help me, I've seen a similar problem on other forums, but I haven't found a working solution, and now it seems I'm in a downward spiral.

    My Xbox 360 is wirelessly connected to the Media Centre PC via the LinkSys Dual A + G band router. The PC is wired directly to this router as per Microsofts recommendations. As I only have dial up internet (getting broadband within the week) I have downloaded and saved all of the setup packages available from www.xbox.xom/pcsetup, just so I had all of them.

    The PC has been custom built by a PC company and they have installed MCE 2005, plus the Rollup 2. It has a Pentium 4,  3.0 gHz processor, 512MB RAM, Albatron FE5200 video card, and 3 hard drives totally around 600 GBs of storage.  

    I've followed all of the directions given by Microsoft and other forums in setting up the firewalls and ports. As the system shows that I have Rollup 2 installed, I ran the appropriate setup file (MCELite) while the xbox 360 is set at the screen after the 8 digit code is shown.

    Windows Media Connect is installed after the license agreement screen, and the Xbox 360 is authorized. As soon as this is done, the screen says Setup completed, and WMC starts up. There is no Network performance tuner, Media Centre Extender installation, and no request for the 8 digit code.

    The Xbox can find the PC, and I can stream Pics and music between them seamlessly and will share the dail-up internet connection, so I assume the network is fine. It simply doesn't recognize that a Media centre is connected, and the setup doesn't go any further than the Media Connect software.

    I've tried the Full version installer, but the setup fails after the license agreement.

    I've followed the advice in this forum, and uninstalled both .NET Framework 1.1, & 1.1 SP1, used the cleanup file, re installed 1.1, BUT .NET 1.1 SP 1 won't reinstall.

    I received the following error messages during the SP 1 installation in order:

    1)   Runtime error!  Program: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msiecex.exe     This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more info

    2)  msiexec.exe - Application Error - The exception unknown exception (0x40000015) occurred in the application at location 0x7813461a           Click on OK to terminate the program, Click on Cancel to debug the program

    3)   Internal Error 2755. 1601, C:\WINDOWS\Installer\3f1b4f.msi

    Some people with similar problems have quoted Microsoft as saying that a clean install of the OS in the only thing you can do. All of my hard drives are setup as Basic, not Dynamic which isn't supported.  I've tried to uninstall the Rollup 2, however it cannot complete as certain files that it needs to copy cannot be found. I have the MCE 2005 disks, but do not know how to re install the system. Will this be necessary?? If so, can you suggest a good guide for doing so, I am only an amateur enthusiast. I am desperate to get this working, but do not want to lose all of the info already on the computer. Can you help?

  • I investigated an issue last week where Xbox 360 PC setup was crashing when the user tried to launch...
  • This article is intended to serve as a central location for all links to troubleshooting documentation...
  • Hi Jonohowe31 - I have heard of this msiexec crash before, but I haven't been able to find a root cause yet because I have not seen a system in this state before to be able to investigate.  You might want to try to repair the Windows Installer service using these steps:

    1. Click on the Start menu, choose Run, type cmd and click OK

    2.  Type msiexec /unregister

    3.  Type msiexec /regserver

    4.  Reboot

    After that, you may want to try the steps listed at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2005/12/10/502439.aspx.

    Hopefully one of the above will help.
  • Ok this is for the ppl that have the problem that gives them an error saying to re-install and the xbox sais lost connection the fix that i found is that the install is not setting up a work group so what you do is. click start, the run. type in (lusrmgr.msc) and press enter. then when i opens a window it should be (local users and groups) now in this menu right clike on the folder (groups) and selct (new group) in the part that says Name type in (mcrd users) and press enter. then go ahead and do the install over but this time clike manual options and when it asks you to share folders on both acashions unselct and contenue and enter your 8 diget code and it should work with no problem p.s. sorry about the spelling and let me know how it works out for you
  • I'm opening this thread again. To the problem that Patrick mentioned a couple of months ago, I have found the following solution: If the Xbox will not connect to the Media Center PC after putting in the 8-digit code, you have most likely tried to connect the Xbox with another account than the one you used during installation of the Media Center Extender Software. Go back to the original account, and try to connect again. This solved it for me after days of trial and failure.

  • In our SBS world the addition of .NET 2.0 sometimes mangles our Remote Web Workplaces, Companywebs and

  • I can't even get media center extender to even download!!! Everytime I click on the link it goe's to open another web page but allway's fail's!! And get this in knock's my cable modem offline and it reset's!?!?! Dose anyone know anything about this?? please help!

  • Hi Krazyeye420 - There were recently some remappings of the links for downloading the Xbox 360 PC setup package.  Can you try to download it directly from

    http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/2/3/023ae4f1-8e7e-40e6-8cee-8ea9474a4f1f/XboxMCE05Lite-enu.exe instead of clicking on the link on that web page?

  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has found a workaround to the problem mentioned below as i am still getting.

    " am fully frustrated here and a friend suggested me visite this site, so here I am.  I am trying to connect my 360 to my pc through Windows Media Center Extender.  I have downloaded all the files, installed them, all went just fine.  Now, when the software prompts to enter the code (8 digital, the pc tries to connect to the 360.  Then I see my tv goes black and I see the Windows Media appear on my tv with the Windows logo.  Under that I see "contacting".  Then I see on my pc that it is trying to create an account ("creating account") and 1 second after that I see an "setup erro", what the error is I don't know cause it isn't mentioned.  The account under which I logon has administrator rights.  I have disabled my firewall, I have set all ports open in my router.  All pc's and the 360 are connected together via the router (not wireless).  Who can help me with this ??


  • Hi Jayson - I have posted a list of Microsoft knowledge base articles at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2006/07/13/665263.aspx.  One or more of those might help you resolve this connectivity issue so I encourage you to take a look at those if you get a chance.

  • Hey Astebner Thank you for you're attemt to help me but it did the same thing it kicked my modem offline and reset??????  I seriously give up this makes no $cent's$ Expecialy  for Bill and the squad.jk lol

    If anyone has an explanation 4 this please let me know.  p.s. I'm able to use the regular connect for pis and music and stuff. Also under the system icon it show's windows xp media edition 2002 is that to old of a version of media edition?

  • Hi Krazyeye420 - The Microsoft download center is used to host a lot of different files, and I haven't heard of any cases before where trying to download a file from there has caused the modem to be reset.  Can you try to download it on a different system and see if you get the same behavior?  Also, can you see if you can download any other files from the Microsoft download center on this computer and see if it gives the same behavior?

    That version 2002 that you see under the system icon is not a reliable indicator of what version of Media Center is on your system.  You can use the file version information listed at http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2006/10/23/file-based-algorithm-for-detecting-windows-media-center-version.aspx.

  • SO...here's the deal.

    I just got Vista setup on my computer and ran the media center program.  My XBOX 360 was turned on and the media center automatically found it and asked if I wanted to set it up as an extender.  I clicked "YES" and followed the instructions on the screen.  I went to my XBOX 360 and selected Media Center and got a message saying that my XBOX 360 didn't obtain an IP address which is usually required to complete setup or some jazz like that.  Well...this is fine because I have my XBOX 360 set to use a static IP anyway.

    Anyway, I click continue instead of network settings and I get the 8 digit code to enter on my PC.  I enter the code on my PC running Media Center in the boxes provided and click Next...and Click next a few more times and then continue on the dialog window that pops up from Vista asking for my permission to let the program do something...this happens a lot in vista by the way.

    My PC then returns to Media Center and starts going through a checklist.  When it gets to the third step in the list, which is to configure the extender, my XBOX 360 goes to a black screen and then says Disconnected from XBOX live at the bottom in the middle.  It then loads a Media Center Extender screen with big white letters and the blue media center background that reads "Couldn't connect to XBOX live please use the network troubleshooter" and my only option is to click OK.

    I've tried all sorts of things and I get the same error every time.  I tried turning my Auto Sign in off.  I tried connecting my XBOX 360 directly to my PC with a crossover cable.  I tried forwarding every port mentioned in the Media Center Extender documentation on my router.  Still nothing.

    Something tells me that the only reason it is trying to get on XBOX live is to get an update or something.  I spent 3 hours with an XBOX customer support guy named John who was really knowledgeable and we couldn't figure it out.

    Please please please if anyone out there has this same issue with the XBOX 360 saying it can't get on XBOX live during the middle of setting up the extender....please please help!

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