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Visual Studio 2005 setup hangs while loading installation components

Visual Studio 2005 setup hangs while loading installation components

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I heard from a customer last week who was trying to install the final release of Visual Studio 2005 but could not even launch the setup program.  They ran setup.exe at the root of the installation DVD, and a small dialog appeared stating that setup was copying files to the %temp% directory, and then it started loading installation components.  At this point, setup hung and the progress bar never reached 100%.  In this scenario, the log file %temp%\dd_vsinstall80.txt had the following information as the last entry in the log before setup hung:

[12/17/05, 11:11:11] setup.exe: [2] ISetupModule::SetManager() failed in ISetupManager::LoadSetupObjectGuid() : vs_setup.dll

In this scenario, as well as in a few other cases listed in this forum post, the underlying problem was traced to the Kaspersky anti-virus program being installed on the system.  If you see VS 2005 setup UI hang when trying to launch setup, please try to uninstall Kaspersky and hopefully it will resolve the hang for you as well.  Please note that we have seen that simply disabling Kaspersky has not seemed to help, and that you will have to perform a full uninstall of this program to workaround this issue.

If this workaround does not work for you, please try to use the steps in this blog post to enable verbose MSI logging and then reproduce the hang and send me a zipped copy of the most recent file named %temp%\msi*.log so that I can try to take a look and see if I can figure out a root cause and workaround for you.  I have seen a few other random cases of setup UI hanging like this, and most of them can be diagnosed with this verbose log file.


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  • <quote>Hello Aaron, on my machine kaspersky was installed as well but uninstalling didn't help. Like some others I had to remove my wireless lan card and all went well. First I thought it could me a problem of my software firewall which normally works quite well but disabling it didn't change anything. If it failes, the last lines in the dd_vsinstall80.txt are:

    [09/09/06,09:22:59] VS Scenario: Validating system requirements

    [09/09/06,09:22:59] VS Scenario: Running warn and block checks

    [09/09/06,09:23:00] Setup.exe: GetGlobalCustomProperty({8297A38B-6431-4F1D-9F6E-C3D371CEA383})

    [09/09/06,09:23:00] VS Scenario: Checking if new setup is available. Url=

    [09/09/06,09:23:00] VS Scenario: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=51411&clcid=0x407

    I use a Toshiba Satellite Pro SP6100. The internal WLAN card does not work at all. The one that I normally use now is detected as "ORiNOCO PC Card (5 volt)". My OS is Win XP 2 SP 2 with all recent updates. Tell me if u need more information. </quote>

    I had exactly the same thing happen to me (using a Barton 2600/n-force rather than your toshiba).  By turning my network connections off the setup .exe proceeded to actually allow the install.  Quite weird, but it's working now.  Thks to all those who suggested the network disable option.

  • If everything else fails, try this out:

    (I've tried everything mentioned here but failed.)

    Copy .net framework installation file to the root of c: drive, logoff and logon as local administrator (not domain admin!), and retry!

  • We found this problem too.  Nothing seemed to work, except waiting.  Almost exactly thirty minutes from where it seemed to hang, it continued!

    Here is the section from dd_dotnetfx35install.txt:

    [03/09/09,12:07:13] vs70uimgr: CUIMgr::RunScenario(): Starting the active scenario

    [03/09/09,12:07:13] Setup.exe: GetGlobalCustomProperty - Property: {AA62DF98-3F2C-11D3-887B-00C04F8ECDD6} - PropertyName: Maintenance Mode - Value: 0

    [03/09/09,12:07:13] Setup.exe: GetGlobalCustomProperty - Property: {340F7930-0E41-11D3-ACE2-00C04F8EEBA1} - PropertyName: Output Unattend File - Value:

    [03/09/09,12:07:13] VS Scenario: Validating system requirements

    [03/09/09,12:07:13] VS Scenario: Running warn and block checks

    [03/09/09,12:07:19] Setup.exe: GetGlobalCustomProperty - Property: {8297A38B-6431-4F1D-9F6E-C3D371CEA383} - PropertyName: WebSetup - Value: 1

    [03/09/09,12:07:19] VS Scenario: Checking if new setup is available. Url=

    [03/09/09,12:07:19] VS Scenario: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=118077&clcid=0x409

    [03/09/09,12:37:19] VS Scenario: Call to InternetOpenUrl() failed

    [03/09/09,12:37:19] Setup.exe: MoveLoadProgress()

    [03/09/09,12:37:19] Setup.exe: GetComponents()

    [03/09/09,12:37:19] Setup.exe: get_Components()

    [03/09/09,12:37:19] Setup.exe: MoveLoadProgress()

    [03/09/09,12:37:19] VS Scenario: Building component lists

  • Same problem occured for VS 2010. When I login as localadministrator, I was able to proceed with installation. But, if i log in as the user of the domain (even though I have administrator access in the system) it is hanging in the very first step.

    So, please log off and log on to the system as localadministrator and try installing VS 2010

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