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Media Center guide download error code 13

Media Center guide download error code 13

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I have been getting several comments in blog posts and emails from customers who have been running into error code 13 while trying to download television guide data in Media Center.  Unfortunately, there appear to be a lot of cases of this error and we have not been able to identify fixes or workarounds for all of them.  I wanted to create one single post where I list all of the suggested workarounds we currently have.

What is error code 13?

First, a brief description of error code 13.  According to the list of possible guide download error codes I previously posted, this error means "Failure attempting to download new Guide data. Please ensure that you are connected to the Internet. If you connect through a LAN, ensure that your proxy or firewall has been properly configured."

What can I try to do if I receive error code 13 during Media Center guide download?

Based on the cases we have seen so far, this error is generally a proxy server configuration issue that is preventing Media Center or the computer from communicating on the internet.  The following suggestions may help resolve this issue:

  1. Media Center guide download will only work if your computer's system clock is correctly synchronized to the current internet time.  Make sure that your system clock is set to the correct time and time zone for the region you are located in.  Note also that if you do not have the box checked to automatically adjust the time for daylight savings time changes, you may have to manually adjust your clock to account for this.
  2. Sometimes, there are XML parsing problems caused by previously downloaded guide data.  You can attempt to workaround this type of problem by renaming the directory %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Ehome\EPG (I suggest renaming rather than deleting in case you want to revert back to the previous data later on).  Then open Media Center, go to Settings, then TV, then Guide, then Set up Guide Listings and configure guide download one more time to regenerate this folder and (hopefully) the contents
  3. Media Center guide download functionality is located in the binary file %windir%\ehome\ehSched.exe.  If you have firewall hardware or software on your system, you need to make sure that this executable has outgoing internet privileges.
  4. Media Center guide download uses SSL and the HTTPS protocol.  This protocol requires the ability to access the internet on port 443.  In addition, the guide download communicates in some instances via the standard HTTP port - 80.  You may need to configure your firewall to allow internet communication on ports 80 and 443 if you have them locked down otherwise.
  5. Launch Media Center, choose Settings, then General, then Media Center Setup and choose to not use the guide.  Then restart the machine, relaunch Media Center and run Media Center setup again and choose to use the guide again
  6. Re-register the Media Center guide DLL by clicking on the Start menu, choosing Run, typing cmd and then running the command line %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\regasm.exe %windir%\ehome\ehepgdat.dll
  7. Temporarily disable any anti-virus, anti-spyware or firewall software that you have installed on your system, then launch Media Center and try to download guide data again
  8. Uninstall McAfee Privacy Service if you have it installed
  9. If you are using a SonicWALL hardware firewall, you may have to manually configure it to allow HTTP byte range requests.  See this blog post for instructions to do this.
  10. If you are using a download manager application that overrides default system download functionality (such as BitComet or FlashGet), they may interfere with Media Center guide data download functionality.  In some cases, it helps to close or disable this type of software, then launch Media Center and try to download guide data again

What if none of the above work?

Unfortunately, this list of suggestions is all that I currently know of to try to troubleshoot this type of failure.  If you have tried all of the above and are still not able to download guide data, then I suggest posting a question at one of the following locations and hopefully someone there can help suggest some additional ideas:

<update date="1/7/2008"> Added information about download manager software and added links to the public newsgroup and forums </update>


  • Don’t know if this is any help to you, but, whenever I have this problem I also have a Time Sync problem.

    I have just been trying for the last hour to download the EPG, but then, after reading your blog and some other sites, tried this:

    I stopped and restarted the Windows Time service AND the Media Centre Scheduler Service, as I did this the guide started to download.

    This might have just been a fluke but thought it was worth sharing.
  • Sorry Aaron, delete previous incomplete message.

    Okay I have a new one.  In my home I have several computers networked together using a linksys routher/switch and all share the same internet connection Dircway Satelite broadband modem.  I have a dell xps computer with Media center loaded and I set it up for Antenna tv source and it able to download the guide without any problems.  Now I also have an HP Media Center where I set it up for a satelite connection but It will not download the guide through the same internet connection.  What gives?

    If you could please give me detailed instructions on how your were able to set up a public proxy to make this work on your Direcway I would sure appreciate it.  What other of Aaron's steps did you have to perform?  Thanks.
  • Hi folks,

    I followed a lot of the instructions above.  I experimented with the public proxy idea because I have Direcway.  

    I changed my LAN settings to use a public proxy that I found on a google search ans sure enough the guide downloaded on the second try.  I got up to 3% on the first try and something happened, but it was better than 0%.  Second try the guide (Dish Network) downloaded completely.  It even let me pick my local Dish with the zip code entry.  This is the public proxy I used port 3128.  This should work for people with Direcway.  This was done after a clean install.
  • Well I wonder if other people had a simlar problems as i did. I had seen in some places mentioning of date issues. I tried to sync time with internet, and it would fail. So after several days of trying the other suggestions found here. still didn't work. So I google'd tonite for a 3rd party program to sync with internet.my clock was off by .746 seconds. PRESTO I was able to download the guide.
  • for time synchronization try setting the service up a new:

    1. Start->Run-> cmd.exe
    2. net stop w32time
    3. w32tm.exe /unregister
    4. w32tm.exe /register
    5. net start w32time
    (I just did run commands with the 2-5 steps and it worked too without command prompt)

    Seems that SSL and HTTPS have to be open on port 80 and 443 for the guide to update. Hope this helps someone.
  • When is this going to be corrected?  Yes, I have DirecWay, but this is obviously a Microsoft problem.  I can update every other program on my Sony Vaio with MCE, but the guide listings update is a roll of some really bad dice.

    At least Microsoft should give us an alternative process of downloading the guides and updating the guide manually until they figure out they should fix it instead of facing (yet another) class action or federal lawsuit.
  • Hi Ronald - I'm very sorry for the hassles this issue has caused you.  Can you please try some of the suggestions posted in the comments of this blog post from other DirecWay users and see if they help resolve this issue?
  • Uggggggggggh this is driving me insane.  I was stuck with this issue awhile ago.  I tried everything and ended up reinstalling.  On a fresh install the EPG downloads fine.  But after installing some programs (azureus,netlimiter,KAV) it started to fail.  I uninstalled all of the programs but it did not fix it.  I retried all the above fixes...  Pleeeease tell me I dont have to reinstall again.
  • Hi James - I am not familiar with the software that you mention, but if any of them restrict the ability of programs on your system to access to the internet then that could explain this issue (and the name "netlimiter" sounds like it might be designed to do something like that).  You need to have the ability to access HTTP and HTTPS internet sites with the ehsched.exe process in order for Media Center guide download functionality to work correctly.  Can you please check and see if any of those programs are limiting the ability of Media Center to connect to the internet?
  • Yeah Netlimiter is a way to cap uploads and downloads on certain processes.  So I uninstalled it completely but the problem remained.  I don't have any firewall enabled.  I even tried bypassing the wireless/router and plugging directly into the cable modem.  Still no go.
  • hi i have the same code as you guys are talking about and even understand that some of you have a direcway sat internet system but the rest of what is said is in a foreign language. i am one of those guys that put the key in the ignition and turn it on and hope it goes so speak to me as if this was your first day on the computer     thanks
  • hi   i should add that i have tried  #  1 and 5 and do not have 8 or 9 other then that HEEEELLPP
  • Hi James - Some of the other software on your system might be restricting the ability of Media Center's ehsched.exe process from accessing the internet.  Can you check the other software you have installed and see if you can narrow down which of them is causing this issue on your system?  Since it worked fine before installing the additional software, I think it must be one of them that is causing this, but it is hard to say which one without knowing exactly what you have installed on your system.

    Hi John - I'm sorry that you're running into this issue.  Likely one of the suggestions in the blog post above will help (I have seen items 3 and 4 be most likely to help for DirecWay systems).  I would suggest contacting your Media Center computer manufacturer or your internet provider if you need detailed assistance with performing the steps above.
  • Hrmmm I just uninstalled a bunch of stuff and now I'm getting Code-33

    Tried a few times at about an hour apart and still getting code 33.  Guessing its not really a  content server issue.

    Currently the stuff I have installed is Azureus, daemon tools, APC powerchute, power dvd, Kaspersky, divx, xvid, VNC, MBM5, turtle beach Montego control panel, firefox,winrar,nvidia decoder.  The rest is driver stuff.
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