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Link to additional Avatar animation sample, rigs and animation pack

Link to additional Avatar animation sample, rigs and animation pack

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Since the release of XNA Game Studio 3.1, we have posted a few samples (described here and here) to help you get started using Avatars in your game.  This week, as announced first on Dean Johnson’s blog, we’ve released an additional Avatar sample along with some utilities to make it easier to create and consume custom Avatar animations in your game.

Here is some additional information and download links for these new samples and utilities:

  • Custom Avatar Animation Sample - http://creators.xna.com/sample/customavataranimation - This sample shows users how to import, process and play custom Avatar animations though the XNA Framework content pipeline.
  • Avatar Animation Rig - http://creators.xna.com/utility/avataranimationrig – This link provides model and animation rigs for Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 and Maya 2008 that can be used to create custom animations.
  • Avatar Animation Pack - http://creators.xna.com/utility/avataranimationpack - This pack contains 21 new animations that can be consumed in XNA Game Studio 3.1 games.  Examples of the animations in this pack include Jump, Climb, Crawl, Kick, etc.  The animations are available in FBX format for direct use in your games or in source format for both Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 and Maya 2008.
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