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Links to .NET Framework 4 deployment guides

Links to .NET Framework 4 deployment guides

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The official .NET Framework 4 deployment guides for application developers and system administrators have been posted on MSDN, and I wanted to provide links here to help raise visibility for them.  Here they are along with some additional information about what is contained in each of them:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 deployment guide for developers

You can find the deployment guide for application developers at the following location:


The deployment guide for application developers is targeted at developers creating applications that depend on the .NET Framework 4 and that will need to incorporate the .NET Framework 4 into their installation process.  It contains the following information:

  • Installation Requirements
  • Standalone Redistributable Packages
  • Web Bootstrapper Packages
  • Redistributing the .NET Framework 4 Using Visual Studio 2010
  • Installing the .NET Framework Manually
  • Chaining the Redistributable Package to your Application Setup
  • Chaining the Language Packs to your Application Setup
  • Detecting the .NET Framework 4
  • Detecting the Language Packs
  • Uninstalling Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Command-Line Options
  • Troubleshooting

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 deployment guide for administrators

You can find the administrator deployment guide at the following location:


The administrator deployment guide is targeted at system administrators that manage software installation on corporate networks and who want to plan a deployment of the .NET Framework 4 to networks that they manage.  It contains the following information:

  • Prerequisites
  • Command Line-Options
  • The Deployment Process
  • Deploying the .NET Framework in a Test Environment
  • Creating a Collection
  • Preparing the Package Source Directory
  • Creating a Package for the Redistributable Package
  • Creating a Program with Setup and Installation Parameters
  • Selecting a Distribution Point
  • Creating an Advertisement
  • Troubleshooting
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