June, 2006

  • The Audio Fool

    Audio Fidelity: Dynamic Range

    I want to talk about noise for a minute. We all know what noise is, and that we don't want it in our audio. Unfortunately, noise is always present, whether we want it or not. In pseudo-technical terms, noise is random unstructured variations in a signal...
  • The Audio Fool

    What's all this 'fidelity' stuff about anyway?

    Nearly everybody has heard the term "high fidelity". Most understand that fidelity is a desirable thing to have, and many believe that the word 'fidelity' is synonymous with 'quality'. In any casual (non-technical) setting, they are the same. But what...
  • The Audio Fool

    L"Hello, World" // Enter the Audio Fool

    Perhaps it's some kind of initiation ritual. An obligatory indoctrination task that each new blogger must go through. An arcane tradition whose origins are soon to be lost to the recesses of time. Surely the only reason we do it is because tradition demands it, but I prefer to think of it as the online equivalent of the nervous presenter stepping up to the microphone in a crowded conference hall and uttering, in a voice 20dB too loud, tinny from running through too many gain stages, those first unforgettable words......
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