January, 2007

  • The Audio Fool

    Vista Now Available

    After months of waiting it's released. Go out and get yourself a copy already!
  • The Audio Fool

    How to drive on Snow and Ice

    Ah, the winter storms are upon us once again. And once again, a disproportionate number of my extended neighbors are demonstrating their incompetence behind the wheel. It seems that no matter how many times the Puget Sound region gets snowed upon, people...
  • The Audio Fool

    Audio Fidelity: Clipping

    In theory, an audio signal can take on any amplitude. There is no mathematical upper limit for how far from zero a sample can go, or how high the magnitude of a continuous wave can go. In practice, however, a digital signal's amplitude is limited by its...
  • The Audio Fool

    Of ground axes and long suicide notes

    There's been an " analysis " floating around the 'net in the last few days from Auckland University's Peter Gutmann about how Windows Vista DRM will destroy computing as we know it. The article's penultimate soundbite comes in its Executive Executive...
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