On 24 May 2013, the Federal
Circuit Court awarded Microsoft judgment against Jose Antonio Caceres Melgar,for his sale of computers installed with unauthorized copies of Microsoft
Windows and Office software.  The computers had fake Windows Certificates of Authenticity attached to them.  

Melgar was selling the computers on websites such as www.ebay.com.au (eBay) and QuickSales.com using numerous
online aliases.  

The Federal Circuit Court held that all of the 168 computer systems sold by Melgar contained unauthorised
Microsoft software and Microsoft was awarded compensatory damages of $162,624 for the retail value of the unlicensed software Melgar sold. 

Furthermore, the court also ordered Melgar to pay additional damages of $300,000, because of the flagrancy of Melgar’s infringement,
the conduct of Melgar in avoiding the court proceedings and the need to deter such infringing conduct in the future.