Corporate Blog Contributors

Pip Marlow
Managing Director, Microsoft Australia

As managing director, Pip Marlow is responsible for Microsoft's overall business in Australia. Pip is deeply committed to ensuring Microsoft meets the needs of its customers, whether they are consumers, small-and-medium businesses, large enterprises or government agencies. Pip is also passionate about the 14,000 local partners and independent software vendors that sell or build on the Microsoft platform in Australia.

Pip began her career with Microsoft in the Australian Partner team in 1996 with responsibility for anti-piracy efforts, system builder channel and distribution strategy. She then moved to Microsoft’s head offices in Seattle, USA, where for eight years she held a succession of senior roles including general manager for US channel sales.

Returning to Microsoft Australia in 2004, Pip worked in roles across the business including Small and Medium Business Solutions and Partner director. Immediately prior to her appointment as managing director in January 2011, Pip held the joint role of Enterprise and Partner Group director and Public Sector director.

Before joining Microsoft, Pip was part of the founding team at Agate Technology, a company that grew to be one of Australia's largest storage distributors. One of her first roles in the IT industry was at Samsung Information Systems where Pip was responsible for building the company's Semi-Conductor Distribution business.

Pip enjoys working in a vibrant team environment and her proudest achievements are those that have come from collaborating with others.

Pip was born, raised and educated in Palmerston North, New Zealand. She currently lives in Sydney with her Scottish husband and two daughters, Sophie & Lucy.

Ben Tan
Corporate Communications Manager

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of Star Trek and would often draw pictures of futuristic cities, complete with flying cars and sky scrapers that reached into the heavens. It was for these reasons that my parents thought I would grow-up to be one of three things: an architect; an astronaut or scientist at NASA; or pursue a career making sci-fi TV / films (to be frank, I think they thought the latter two were a long shot). Anything was possible back then. Alas, I ended up doing a Law / Commerce degree at the University of Adelaide and took a graduate position at a large professional services firm as my first “real” job.

Within about 6 months of working, it dawned on me that working in a legalistic job was not for me. It was probably the first moment where I truly realised how important it is to look inside yourself, understand who you are and follow your passions. I’ve got no regrets about my degree or that first job because it gave me skills and experiences that I still draw on today, and I made a lot of good friends in the process.

Fast forward a decade plus a couple of years ;) and here I am at Microsoft. I love working at this company because it really represents all the dreams that I had as kid. The promise of the future. The excitement of gadgets and technology that do magical things. The confidence and optimism of the technology industry that it can make the world a better place. And the deep belief that anything is possible. They were all things I loved about Star Trek, and they are all the things I love about working at Microsoft.

Isabel Boniface
Cloud Based Productivity Product Manager

I would like to tell you a story today. It is a personal one, as it is my story. It is story of my own business.

I am currently in my second term at Microsoft. I worked for Microsoft originally from 1998 until 2002. Loved it then - as I do now. I love the cutting edge approach to marketing, but especially the fact that we had such open access to the latest and greatest technology available.

In 2002, I recognized a business opportunity to start my own business, delivering strategic marketing services to multinational vendors – like Microsoft, Dell and Cisco. So, I took the leap. The day I left Microsoft, my first stop was HP where I picked up my first two computers. I did not have a customer and I had not earned a cent yet, but I had already spent what felt like a fortune on two computers and the associated software.

I was married to a network engineer, who built my first little network. But pretty soon even his love for me could not overcome the fact that our email stopped working at least twice a day which required 30 minutes on the phone to get our dial-up connection up and running again. I learned when to use” ipconfig /all” and how to assign IP addresses – and that was only the beginning.

Over the next three years, we grew from being a two woman business to employing seven full time staff members and four contractors. Our IT spend became a bottomless pit. After four years, I gave up. It was just too hard. Trying to keep everyone connected and productive was a full time job. Not a day went by that I didn’t have to reboot a mail server or some other IT support request keeping me on the phone with our IT resellers for hours. I sold my company and went back to corporate marketing.

I believe that what we do at Microsoft has the power to change businesses and the outcomes they can provide to their customers. I love talking to customers and hearing how technology has transformed their businesses, but also made their employees happier and more engaged in their jobs.

I am not in my own business anymore, but what we do impacts thousands of other business owners every day – And that is a privilege!

Fiona Sims
Marketing Lead, Dynamics Australia
Microsoft Corporation

Fiona Sims is an accomplished marketing executive with a solid track record in both product marketing and communications. Fiona brings over 12 years of experience to her position as Microsoft’s Marketing Lead for Dynamics Australia.

As Microsoft’s Marketing Lead for Dynamics Australia, she is responsible for a multi-functional team covering Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, SL and CRM. The core accountability of her team is to define marketing strategies and programs that will drive demand by differentiating the Dynamics portfolio on simplicity, value and agility.

Before joining Microsoft, Fiona was the Marketing Director for EMC, Australia & New Zealand. She was responsible for the Marketing strategy, leading all marketing elements across product groups to deliver revenue and growth to the subsidiary. These product groups include EMC’s Storage offering, Backup & Recovery Systems, Information Intelligence and Big Data.

Fiona holds a Bachelor of Business with a major in marketing. Throughout her career she has lived in the UK and Japan. In her free time, Fiona enjoys reading and spending time with her family.