2 days to go...

The ADNUG (Adelaide .NET User Group) is pleased to announce that Steve Riley is making a special guest appearance at the user group meeting this month. Steve is in Australia for the Heroes Happen 2008 launch and presenting the Locknote for the Adelaide event.

Steve Riley @ Heroes Happen {2008} event

Where:    Innovation Centre, Level 2, Westpac House, King William Street, Adelaide

When:     Wednesday 12th March

               5.45pm – 6.30pm


5.45 pm Finger food and Drinks. Have some nibbles and refreshments before we start

    Have something to eat before the meeting.

 6.15 pm questions and answers. Bring along your .Net problems for discussion from members.

 6.25 pm Stephen Riley –Microsoft Senior Security Strategist - Redmond


Steve Riley is a Senior Security Strategist in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group in Redmond, Washington, USA. Steve specializes in network and host security, communication protocols, network design, and information security policies and process. His customers include various ISPs and ASPs around the United States, as well as traditional enterprise IT customers, for whom he has conducted security assessments and risk analyses, deployed technologies for prevention and detection, and designed highly-available network architectures. Steve is a frequent and popular speaker at conferences worldwide, often appearing Asia one week and Europe the next. When not evangelizing the benefits of Microsoft security technology, he spends time with customers to better understand the security pain they face and show how some of that pain can be eliminated. Having been born with an Ethernet cable attached to his belly button, Steve grew up in networking and telecommunications; the simple telephone still provides endless hours of exploratory joy. Besides lurking in the Internet's dark alleys and secret passages, he enjoys mountain biking, clubbing and the occasional rave, freely sharing his opinions about the intersection of technology and culture, and hanging with his family and friends in the centre of the universe otherwise known as Seattle, Washington. 

 7.45 pm Meeting close

Please register if you are attending, so we can organize catering accordingly via the following link:


If arriving after 6:30pm -- ring  Peter Griffith 0408 832891 or 0403 432393 and we will come down to the After Hours exit in Currie St and let you in, however entry not possible after 7:15pm.