As you are hopefully all mindful of, Imagine Cup (IC) Australian finals are fast approaching! Entries need to be received (on physical media only) by close of business on Wednesday 30th May. There's exciting times ahead, as many of you put the finishing touches on your IC07 projects. Send them to:

Nicholas Ellery


1 Eppping Rd

North Ryde NSW 2113

Believe me, the IC finals at ReMix this year are going to be awesome, and a great way to showcase your solutions to the world. You don't want to miss this deadline.

In other news, we're also running a "People's Choice" component to Imagine Cup this year, where selected entries will be hosted on Si-Mi, where the general public can buy your solutions. Those entries with the most number of purchases are deemed to be the 'People's Choice'. Yes, that's right, people will be buying your software! And the beautiful thing is that you set the price...stay tuned for more information.

In closing, if you are having any issues with Imagine Cup, email me at < t-nice @ microsoft dot com>