The three top teams for this year's national software design finals in late June have been decided. In the interest of ensuring hot competition in Melbourne, I won't go into the finer details of their entries, but the finalists are:

"The Intelligent Gorillas" (Queensland University of Technology) - developed an application for peer-based learning and discussion using a Powerpoint presentation as a starting point for something that becomes so much more.

"Team APA" (University of Canberra) - developed a tool to help blind people program in C#.NET

"Smart Education" (University of Canberra) - think WebCT mashed up with Facebook, giving a very 'now' solution to student problems.

There was a cluster of exciting, high quality entries in this year's competition, making choosing a shortlist pretty tough. Unfortunately, only 3 teams can proceed to the finals. There's still the People's Choice Awards coming up in late June for the best national entrants, so watch this space - if you've missed out on making the national finals, you're still in the running to take out people's choice!