From next week, the world's top software design students will all converge on Korea to a) battle it out for the IC Crown and b) hopefully have the time of their life.

I'll be escorting the team from University of Canberra and their mentor, Dr. Dat Tran to Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, in Seoul,Korea. I've heard rumours that 250 students have been recruited by our Korean subsidiary to how the teams a good time. Hot damn it's gonna be fun. Once we get to Seoul, we will be meeting up with our Australian judge, Mr Nick Randolph, to take on the world. Thanks again for volunteering Nick R.

I've been having a stickybeak at other countries entries over the past weeks (EG. 1, 2), and golly! it's gonna be cool. (Yeh, I can't actually believe I wrote 'golly!' either). For those who will be attending, I'm looking forward to meeting you all, for those who didn't make it this year, registration will be open for next year's competition as soon as the world finals are finished. In the meantime, i'll have regular updates here and on Channel 8 as the competition hots up.