The world finals began today in Korea and already the team from UC have lost some members. Nothing like a hapless airline to break a team apart. Due to massive incompetence on behalf of Australia's major airline (I'm as subtle as a sledgehammer), the team got split up at Sydney airport. So some of us are already here, whilst others are still in transit or in Sydney. Luckily there was no  competition today. But thats a whole other complaint letter!


1&2. Microsoft know how to throw a party, yep yep! The hotel where Imagine Cup is being held.

We're here, and this is one of the coolest sights I've ever seen. 2 WHOLE HOTELS BOOKED OUT FULL OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPER STUDENTS. Yeh, 2 hotels. And I'm not talking Formule1 either - Sheraton and W Hotel ain't no joke. There's full size bottles of Chivas Regal and Remi Martin in the minibar for chrissakes! 

It's amazing the amount of stuff thats going on as I walk through the hotels. From the chill out lounge with the fully stocked fridge full of free coke / ice tea / water / lolly water and 6 player xbox360 to the sheer size of the main hall, I think this could be the most excited I've been about anything since Jay-Z announced his retirement (language warning on that last link). If you are a software design / computing science student thinking of joining Imagine CUp next year, DO IT! I'm so stoked on IC right now and everyone is having so much fun! And the realy interesting stuff hasn't even started yet.

Tomorrow sees the kick off of the actual competition, which is probably what most of the reaaders of this blog would be interested in. Participants will then be culled from around 55 teams to the final 12. Then we have a day's sightseeing on Wednesday (topped of by dinner with the mayor of Seoul and lunch at the Seoul Olympics Gym). The final 12 teams duke it out further on the Thursday, then we wrap things up on Friday with a party! Heck yeh! Well deserved too to the students. There's some good work here this year.

Anyways, I could type all night I'm so excited but I had better pack this one in here - I have to go and organise a ride for the other team members from Incheon airport to the hotel due to our planned flights being overbooked. Thanks QANTAS!