YESTERDAY - So I was a little bit lazy with updates/recaps for yesterdays competition, but hey, I had the choice of doing a blog post or getting couple of hours sleep. I chose the latter. Yesterday (Tuesday) saw the SD teams presenting again to a different panel of judges than those they presented to on Monday. Not really much more to report except that the teams that are going on to the next round were announced - Austria, Jamaica, Greece, China, Korea, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Netherlands all made it through to round 2. Having 12 teams that go through to the next round means 43 teams had to be culled. Bad news. The remaining 12 teams had to present again yesterday afternoon, and today at dinner the group was halved to leave 6 finalists. The 6 teams who will continue the competition tomorrow are Jamaica, Serbia, Austria, Ireland (go boys!), Korea and Thailand. They will be presenting in front of around 500 people, so it only gets tougher from here. 


1. Austria and Jamaica get roudy when the announcement is made they will be amongst the teams to proceed to the second round


2. The full contingent of SD teams to make it through to round 2

I know alot of competitors were a little downtrodden over the abrupt end to their Imagine CUp campaign. None were more disappointed than our team from Australia. Their presentations went very well and I was quietly expecting them to go through to the next round, but then again, there were a few other entries that I thought would go through to the next round that didn't. I guess that goes to show how tight things were.

The Embedded Development category also continued yesterday, and I got a chance to check out some of the cool stuff going on there. Here are a few of the entries that didn't make it through to the next round (I will cover some of the top 6 entries tomorrow as they compete for the final prize).


3. India had developed a system to help show 2D images to blind people. Basically, the ebox reads an image, and then raises pins on the pad you see to the right to show blind people various shapes. The device is pitched as a way of adding a 'visual' element to teaching blind people. Actually, there were alot of entries this year that addressed the hardships faced by people with disabilities, which was great given the whole idea behind IC is to "Imagine A Better World".


4. For the life of me, I can't remember which country this entry came from. MY apologies to the team. Embedded design is a rad category, and this glove is a good example - it helps mute people talk. The glove is hard wired to an ebox and a set of speakers, and touching parts of the glove in certain ways helps blind people communicate through the speakers. Speaking of gloves, the Irish team has done something really cool with gloves too, but I'll leave the photos of that one until tomorrow.

TODAY - conisted of free time for all and a full tour organised by the city of Seoul... Check out my photos my IC finals Flickr stream. They're not compressed or edited, so brace yourself for a long wait on download ;)