'Allo Frenchie! The site for Imagine Cup 2008 to be held in Paris is now up at www.imaginecup.com. You can't register or access the forums yet, but you can read all about the theme for next year (sustainability), and most importantly, read about the new XBOX 360 GAMES DEVELOPMENT CATEGORY!!! Whilst the web development category has sadly been axed for Paris, I know alot of casual games developers out there who'll be thrilled with the addition of a games category they can compete in.

If you listen to one thing I say all year, it's GET STARTED ON YOUR IMAGINE CUP 2008 ENTRIES NOW! It's amazing how quick time slips away, and the best entries are the one's who have had time to thoroughly think a problem through and talk to a number of different parties before even starting development, so to increase your chances of making it to the Aussie finals (and maybe the world finals) next year, start thinking about your project now.