Even more reasons to join Imagine Cup... In addition to the recently announced Software Design Interoperability Award, we just launched 2 new awards for Imagine Cup.


The Software Design Windows Live Award: http://imaginecup.com/Competition/WindowsLiveAward.aspx

Award goes to the entry that makes best use oif the Windows Live Platform 

Due Date for online submissions: May 15, 2008

Prize Amount: US$10,000


The Interface Design Accessible Technology Award: http://imaginecup.com/Competition/AccessibilityAward.aspx

Award goes to the entry that is judged to best avoid / decrease barriers to access.

Due Date for online submission: May 2, 2008

Prize Amount: US$8,000


Add to these 3 awards the local Aussie prizes for software design, plus the worldwide prizes plus your free software and you can make a killing from entering the Imagine Cup.