Last week our Gold Partner community received an email about the new CSAT Index requirement starting on the October 1, 2009. A large number of you have contacted me with questions about the new requirement. I have arranged for Larry Aronovitz from the US team to conduct a Live Meeting on this new requirement. We will show you how to use the Microsoft’s online survey solution—called Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Index—too easily and effectively measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. By joining our discussion, you will also find out more about the Gold Certified Level, CSAT Index participation requirement and be able to ask Larry and myself questions on the new requirement.

Meeting Details:

Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time: 9:00 am to 10:00 am Sydney Time

1. Click the attendee meeting URL:
If you can’t click the above meeting URL, click the following link:
When you click on either URL, the Join Meeting page appears. In the following fields, verify or enter this information:

Name: (Enter your first and last name)

Meeting ID: MSFT1929

Entry Code: ATT1929K1929

2. If prompted, install and run the Office Live Meeting software (recommended) or launch the Microsoft Web Access client (for Attendees unable to install the software, as well as anyone joining using a Macintosh). It will take a few moments for the Office Live Meeting client to launch.  On the next page, please enter your email and company name in their respective fields, if necessary, and click Continue.