Improve Access to Your Software Benefits Using Digital Distribution

Beginning June 2009, you can digitally access your software benefits—including Microsoft Action Pack Subscription and Microsoft Gold Certified and Certified Partner box shipments—from one, central location at any time. By digitally accessing your software benefits, you can take advantage of:

· Flexible access: 24x7 availability

· Quicker access: Download updates the moment they’re made available—no need to wait for a quarterly shipment of software.

· Greater visibility: View all of your software benefits summarized in a license statement.(Available early August, 2009)

· Improved software benefits management: Add or remove users and manage their access to downloads, keys, and a license statement—all in one place.


What You Need to Know about the Change:

· At launch, you’ll be able to select to receive Digital-Only software distribution or Digital-Plus-Physical software distribution

· If you decide to receive Digital-Only software distribution, you can always order physical media (software discs). Visit the Microsoft Partner Program portal for more information

· If you decide to receive Digital-Plus-Physical software distribution, you must wait until re-enrolment to change to Digital-Only.

· Software benefits will always be available digitally, even when you’re receiving physical media.

· Access to software keys and license statement will only be available digitally, even when you’re receiving physical media.

· Marketing and sales resources will be available online.

· Microsoft Gold Certified and Certified Partners will still be shipped Microsoft Partner Program plaques and certificates as appropriate.


Do You Have Questions or Need Support?

Please view the frequently asked questions for more information on preparing for digital distribution of software. If you still have questions or need support, please contact your Regional Service Centre. Ensure that you have information on your subscription ID, name, address, phone number, and email address.