Microsoft Australia, is pleased to invite you to a talk on “Understanding Team dysfunction & developing a high performance culture”, delivered by Human Synergy.


Date      : Nov 5th, 2009

Venue : Microsoft offices, Sydney, Theatre 3

Time : 09h00 – 10h00



Less than 5% of teams worldwide are high performing. This highly interactive workshop will highlight the common dysfunctions of teams made famous by Patrick Lencioni in his New York Times best seller “The Five common Dysfunctions of a team” & then provide you with the opportunity to develop strategies for your own team to enable them to perform at exceptional levels.

Who should attend?

·        CEO & Exec team, Sales Managers, Service Managers & anyone in a leadership role

Why should I attend?

·        Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage both because it is so powerful & so rare

·        Better understand your own team & the dynamics that cause dysfunction

·        Develop strategies to take back & implement that improve performance immediately

Benefits as a Microsoft  Partner

·        The marketplace increasingly competitive

·        It is becoming harder & hard to differentiate based on technology alone

·        Increased levels of service come from increased effort by individuals & teams within your company

·        This workshop will highlight how you can develop & maintain a culture that fosters higher levels of engagement, lifting discretionary effort & in turn the overall customer experience

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