We would like to invite you to a LiveMeeting online workshop to learn about Windows 7 Application Compatability. We will be covering:

·         Why aren’t applications compatible with Windows 7

·         Using SUA tool to test and mitigate compatibility issues

·         How to do Compatibility Diagnostics with ACT

·         Collecting and analyzing compatibility data with ACT

·         LAB: Identifying and mitigating compatibility issues


Workshop Agenda  (2.5 hrs+ workshop and 1 hr+ lab)

1.00 pm – 4.30 pm, Friday 5th March or Wednesday 17th March (Sydney/Melbourne time zone)

LiveMeeting Link – Join the meeting. (copy the link onto browser and click enter to access the online workshop)

Virtual Lab

ID / Password to be provided to individual partner directly

Virtual Lab URL -  (lab arrangement will be updated subsequently)

Lab is designed to be best optimized using IE – do ensure that it supports Active X and allow pop up screen to support lab exercises

Eric Lo is the contact during the workshop (email: ericlhlo@microsoft.com or mobile 65-98508744)