The Australian Partner Conference happens 31/8-2/9 on the Gold Coast.  We are putting together the track of content at the moment and wanted to give you the opportunity to have your say.  Please post your comment and tell us if this is what you want to hear or please provide me with your suggestions.  Thanks, Sarah

What's up on the web these days - part 1 Latest trends and opportunities for your business Michael Kordahi & Gianpaolo Carraro
What's up on the web these days - part 2 Latest trends and opportunities for your business Michael Kordahi & Gianpaolo Carraro
Cloud as a Reality: The upcoming decade of Cloud and the Windows Azure Platform Azure represents an enormous opportunity - both for scaleable development and deployment, and to minimise impact of unpredictable bursting.  But how do you install confidence in your customers who demand more predictability in budgetting?    Greg Willis
Application Compatibility - what's the opportunity for you? How many versions of your software are you supporting today?  What would be the gains and cost saving if all your customers were up to date?  How are Microsoft supporting your efforts and what tools are available to assist you?  David Sajfar & Sarah Theiss
I need $$ - how do I raise capital? Joe will explain the ways that you can raise capital for your business and the real cost impacts of different options.  Always a compelling speaker with thought provoking ideas. Joseph Najeem, ACE International
New opportunities - developing with Office 2010 and Sharepoint Office and SharePoint 2010 offer new opportunities to be the basis of your development.  Andrew Coates will give you the lowdown. Andrew Coates
Windows Phone 7 - the new opportunity - simply inspired! Dave will discuss Windows Phone 7 development - how it provides a great platform for development and how Microsoft plan to drive your apps to the market. Dave Glover
Don't lose out on the full revenue - what licensing is available for ISVs to resell Are you taking your app to the web to be hosted?  Are you finding it challenging to be competitive - cost-wise?  Come along to find out the options for ISVs to provide Microsoft software as part of your solution (at the lowest possible price). Sarah Theiss
Building Global Channels This fast-paced session you will give you insight into why going global is such a challenge, and what you can do to beat the odds. You will walk away with a 10-step program you can put in place right away to recruit productive partners, as well as an understanding of Microsoft tools that can help you build your channel.  Harald Horgen & Brian O'Doherty, The York Group  
Showcasing innovation in our partner base Connection to sales opportunities & promotion of Partners is a key focus in FY11.  Come along and find out how Microsoft plan to do this and provide your input. Julia Askin & Sarah Theiss
Why Microsoft for the cloud? There are many vendors in the Cloud - so why does Microsoft believe we have the most compelling, all around offering for you? Gianpaolo Carraro & Greg Willis