Currently sitting with a few hundred Sydney Partners on a very cold and rainy Sydney day. 

We've just heard from Stijn Hendrikse talking through the real market opportunity in Australia, and the ability for Partners to use Office 2010 to build innovative new solutions.  We saw an example of how Ebay has developed a great new solution for thier customers on top of Excel.

Steve Iatropoulos is now showing us the integration with SharePoint 2010, and how easy it is to modify pages on your SharePoint thanks to the integration of the Ribbon - like you're used to in Word.

Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 can really help with social computing inside an organisation too.  Together, they can intuitively show you who in the organisation is working on similar projects, or have a particular skill you are looking for.

Soon we'll see how Outlook can pull together posts that your contacts have left on Facebook and LinkedIn, so you can see exactly what is on their mind before you email them.

See you soon Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide partners!