Membership in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) provides a wealth of benefits - the vast majority of which are accessed by logging in to the partner portal. To do this, you must first be associated with your organisation’s MPN profile. Read on for steps to associate.


1. You will require a Windows Live ID (Microsoft Account). If you do not already have one, register for free at


2. When you’re ready to start, navigate to the Simplified Association Process page, here


3. Follow the steps under “It’s Easy to Associate”

a) Click “Sign In”
b) You will be redirected to the sign in page, select a sign in preference, enter your email address and press Continue
- Please enter your work email address. If your Primary Program Contact has pre-approved your work domain your association request will be expedited
c) Log in with your Windows Live ID. The site will redirect you back to the Simplified Association Process page. The green tick shows that step 1 is complete
d) Click “Search” to find your organisation
e) A pop up window will appear. Fill in the “Your Profile” tab. A red asterisk (*) indicates a mandatory field. Press “Next” when you’ve filled out your details
f) You will be directed to the “Organisation Profile” tab
- If you know your Partner ID (recommended), enter it into the “Partner ID” field and press “Next”. Ask your Primary Program Contact if you do not know your ID
- If you cannot find it, select the “I Don’t Have My Partner ID” tab and fill in your Company details as necessary. After this, press “Next”
g) Confirm your organisation details are correct and click “Next”
h) If the email address entered in step b) matches your MPN profile’s list of approved domains, your request will be pre-approved. If not, your Primary Program Contact will need to approve it manually*.
- Please Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your association to be processed
f) You’re done! Now, why not learn how to register for the Microsoft Partner Support Community.



* Primary Program Contacts – How to approve association requests


The Primary Program Contact is the member of your staff that manages the MPN profile. Whilst there can only be one “Primary Program Contact” per profile, association management may be conducted by any contact with Global Administration Rights.

To approve a request for association:

a) Navigate to the Partner Membership Centre and Sign in with your Windows Live ID
b) Click the “Requirements & Assets” drop-down tab and select “Accept/Reject Pending People”
c) A list of individuals pending approval will be located at the bottom of the form. Select all individuals you wish to accept (or reject). Press “Approve Selected” (or “Reject Selected”)
d) A confirmation message will appear on screen. Press “OK” to confirm or “Cancel” to go back
e) Visit the Get Support page on the partner portal for more help with this or any other MPN activity