Playing with Coding with your students? Need a cool windows 8 environment to make it all happen? Sphero, solves you problem with it’s new Window 8.1 and Windows 8 phone apps.

Sphero is an interactive robot (in the shape of a ball) that brings programming away from the computer and into real life.

Once you have purchased your Sphero and downloaded the Sphero App from the Windows Store some of the things you can do with Sphero include:

  • Easy: Pair with your Bluetooth. Open the Sphero app and learn to drive
  • Intermediate: Follow the challenges to level up your Sphero
  • Challenging: Take on the challenge to code you own Sphero. *coming soon to Windows 8.

Using Sphero in Education

Sphero has also just released a curriculum designed specifically for educators. Through Sphero, this step by step curriculum introduces learners to ‘basic concepts of programming, robotics and math.’ This is perfect for those looking at ‘maker or tinker movement’ activities. The programming  app, MacroLab and OrbBasic will soon be released on Windows 8. Once these apps are installed, all activities in the Sphero in Education site can be completed.

Example Activities in the Sphero curriculum include:

  • Speed, Distance and Time - Use Sphero to figure out how time, speed, and distance relate to each other.
  • 2D Geometry– Polygons and Angles - Guide Sphero to create polygons and learn the relationship between heading angles and the number of sides in a polygon where all sides are equal.
  • Percentages - Program Sphero to move at 100% speed for a particular amount of time, and then measure how far it has gone. Then they will repeat the experiment with 50% and 30% speeds.
  • Programming – Using the OrbBasic coding language, students learn to code straight lines and distance related tasks, and then level up to circles and if/then/else coding.

Do you use Sphero already? We'd love to know about all the engaging ways you use it in your school.