After more time that I had originally thought here's my second VE demo:

This demo demonstrates how to leverage the MapPoint Web Service (MWS) in order to do driving directions using the current version of VE. The upcoming version of VE will have driving directions built in but meanwhile you can use this application to get routes using the current version.

The demo should be pretty straight-forward to use, just enter an origin and destination address in the form fields and click the Get Directions button. A list of all the steps will appear below the addresses form. The map will also be updated with an icon representing each step of the directions. Hovering the mouse on one of the icons will show the text for the step as well as display the corresponding maneuver map, there are also back and forth links to get to the next or previous step. In the results table clicking the step number will pan to the corresponding icon on the map and display the corresponding maneuver info.

On the technical side, the application is fully dynamic and use XMLHttpRequest to make request to the MWS. The requests are actually made thru ASP.NET pages which act as a proxy to the MWS and returns corresponding results in XML and are parsed by the JavaScript once retrieved. If some are interested I can post the code for the ASP.NET pages.

As for my other demo any feedback is welcomed and should be posted as comments to this blog entry.