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August, 2008

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About Yet Another Coding Blog

I'm a dev working for Redmond, remotely from Sydney. My team writes applications used internally at MS - mostly web stuff.

What will you see on this blog? Lots of random dev related stuff. Web, graphics, security, perf.


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    Computer Programming isn't Art

    (Sorry, Mr Knuth ) My uncle's hobby is building beautiful furniture from wood. I noticed something last time I spoke with him about it: He doesn't talk about a table, or a book case, or a dresser; at least, that's not what he talks about with emotion...
  • Yet Another Coding Blog

    Back in Seattle

    I recently came back from visiting Seattle (where I'd lived and worked for 7 years before returning to Sydney). My wife was presenting at TechReady, so I figured I'd hitch a ride and make a vacation of it. It was also a good opportunity to meet up with...
  • Yet Another Coding Blog

    Getting Code Coverage to Work in Visual Studio

    Are you sick of seeing this error?: "Code coverage is not enabled for this test run" I was working on a project where my COV results were always giving the above error, and it took some figuring out. Basically, it came down to two things: I had the following...
  • Yet Another Coding Blog

    Creating Testable Applications Using the MVP Pattern

    (The following post talks about ASP.NET, but it actually applies to all UI-based applications, web and non-web. PHP, WPF, Winforms, etc. It does not require a framework, nor anything to install - it's just an interesting way to write your code such that...
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