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A Redmond dev blog... from Sydney; by Avi Pilosof.

September, 2008

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About Yet Another Coding Blog

I'm a dev working for Redmond, remotely from Sydney. My team writes applications used internally at MS - mostly web stuff.

What will you see on this blog? Lots of random dev related stuff. Web, graphics, security, perf.


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    Trivial but useful extension method

    Don’t know why I didn’t write this before; it makes code very readable. Often when you write anything graphics related, you want to constrain coordinates to window edges (for example). So a simple method: 1: /// <summary> 2: /// Ensure that...
  • Yet Another Coding Blog

    On using Arrays

    Eric Lippert has a great article on arrays:   I think this is especially useful to consider if you’re writing an API. Consider not just arrays, but any time...
  • Yet Another Coding Blog

    Microsoft Bacon Home Edition, RC0

    Totally unrelated to programming, but I deem this worthy of a blog post. A few weeks ago I decided to make my own bacon.   Why? Don't ask stupid questions; bacon is an axiom. How? turns out that it's actually not so complex: Buy some pork belly ...
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