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A Redmond dev blog... from Sydney; by Avi Pilosof.

September, 2011

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About Yet Another Coding Blog

I'm a dev working for Redmond, remotely from Sydney. My team writes applications used internally at MS - mostly web stuff.

What will you see on this blog? Lots of random dev related stuff. Web, graphics, security, perf.


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    Development Tip – Dispatching calls to the UI thread

    In Silverlight and WPF, if you wanted to update the UI from a thread you had launched, it was important that the UI update be executed on the UI thread, lest you get an invalid-cross-thread-access error. You could ensure this by initially getting a...
  • Yet Another Coding Blog

    Development Tip – Tab Control

    I'm trying to replicate a tab control in the Windows 8 //BUILD release. I’m not talking about your traditional tab control with grey tabs and a static appearance; rather something that we’ve seen throughout the demos at //BUILD; a set of clean...
  • Yet Another Coding Blog

    Development Tip – Packaging and loading files

    In Windows 8 I want to have a file in my solution which is packaged as part of the application, then read at runtime. It’s not immediately obvious how to do this because the app is running in an environment we’re not used to, and using StorageFile...
  • Yet Another Coding Blog

    Development Tip - ObservableCollection doesn't work

    NOTE: This post applied in an the early preview of Win8. It's no longer applicable because the bug in question no longer exists; ObservableCollection works just great :) Original article below. Just getting started with Win8 development, and...
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