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  • Blog Post: Drawing Fractal Trees - Part 3

    The Application Itself Firstly, here's what we're aiming towards: Live demo: Click to view live . Download the code: Screenshot: Writing The Application Now, when I originally wrote the bones of the app it was very simple; everything fit in the single Page.xaml.cs file; there's actually very little to...
  • Blog Post: Drawing Fractal Trees - Part 2

    L-Systems We've established that drawing the tree will use the concept of self-similarity. To put this in action, we're going to use what's called an L-System . Here's a crash-course... Firstly, we establish that we have a "pen" that at any given time has a current position and a current heading...
  • Blog Post: Drawing Fractal Trees - Part 1

    Table Of Contents Part 1: Basic fractal theory (this page) Part 2: L-Systems - drawing trees . Part 3: Implementation in Silverlight, live demo, code download . A Brief Explanation of Fractals In plain English, a fractal is a shape whose constituent parts are really just copies (scaled down) of the whole...
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