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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App 3: Fact-Of-The-Day

    No prizes for guessing what this application does, but I will reveal it just in case: When you start the application, it loads a bunch of trivia/facts from its own database as well as various RSS feeds, then shows them to you randomly. Here’s the marketplace link:
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App 2: MobileMobile, a fun game for toddlers.

    The second application I wrote for WP7 is a simple and fun game for tiny kids. The name - which I expect will confuse people – is a combination of “mobile” as in “This is running on a mobile phone”, and “mobile” as in “babies like to bash the animals hanging from this mobile”. Here’s the marketplace...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App 1: Feedr, an RSS reader.

    My favorite way to learn a platform/language/technique is to just dive in and experiment, so for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) I started writing some apps. The first one I wrote is “Feedr”, which is an RSS reader: Here’s the marketplace link (you need Zune installed):
  • Blog Post: Expression Design: Problems with exporting slices, wrong image sizes.

    These little things can drive you nuts… I found a great blog post that makes it trivial to [re]generate the multiple images required for a Windows Phone Marketplace submission. For some reason, it was pulled (maybe due to the bug I’m about to describe), but here it is from the Bing cache: Creating Windows...
  • Blog Post: Programmatically supporting Windows Phone themes with differing colors for text

    The marketplace guys just rejected my application because the text was unreadable when the user switched from the “Dark theme” to the “Light theme”. Firstly, amazing that they went through manual testing to find a bug like this. Secondly, I feel silly for not finding it myself :) My problem was that...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone: Taking screenshots for marketplace submissions

    When you submit your application to the marketplace, there’s an option for including screenshots. However, your submission will be rejected if the screenshots aren’t exactly to spec: They must be 480x800, and not include any of the emulator chrome. Taking a specific snippet is difficult because you either...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone: Frame/Page navigation and transitions using the TransitioningContentControl

    Windows Phone 7 supports the built-in Silverlight Frame/Page navigation system , which is easy to use and maintain. Unfortunately, it’s not as slick-looking as the panorama navigation shown in all the phone demos. Sooner or later there will be a few panorama implementations floating out there, but I...
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