Windows Azure Companion for PHP is a full programmable solution available for Windows Azure. You can download package from the link below:


I have created a 62 document to explain in details about its usage and how you can publish PHP solution on Azure using this companion. The contents of this document are as below:




1.      Azure Companion for PHP

2.      Downloading Azure Companion for PHP

3.      What is in Azure Companion for PHP Solution

4.      Azure Companion for PHP Solution contents

5.      Modifying Azure Companion configuration CSCFG file

6.      Publishing Azure Companion for PHP solution

7.      Executing PHP Service and administration site

8.      PHP Service Administration

9.      Installing PHP Runtime and other modules

10.    Verifying PHP Service and PHP applications

11.    Using eXtplorer PHP Application

12.    Creating custom PHP Application XML Feed

13.    Configuring Service with updated configuration

14.    Installing PHP Application from updated XML Feed

15.    Stopping PHP Service

16.    Configuring PHP Service by editing PHP.INI

17.    Resetting full Azure Companion Solution

18.    Application Update and delete scenarios

19.    Role of Azure Storage in Azure Companion

20.    Understanding Azure Companion Source

21.    Azure companion VHD Analysis

22.    Common Errors while running Azure Companion for PHP


The above contents is available in the attached 62 pages document.  The document "PHP Solution in Windows Azure.pdf" is available in the RSS link to this blog.