Windows Azure Team have released new Windows Azure Training Kit November 2010 Update which includes complete sample/HOL/Demo update with new Cloud Tools 1.3 and a lots of new HOL to learn all the new features. 

Here is what you will get with Windows Azure Training Kit November 2010 Update:


  • All Previous HOL
    • Updated all hands-on labs to use the new Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio November 2010 (version 1.3) release


  • New Hands On Labs
    • Advanced Web and Worker Role: 
      • You can learn how to use admin mode and startup tasks
    • Connecting Apps With Windows Azure Connect:
      • This HOL helps you to learn how to use Windows Azure Connected 
    • Virtual Machine Role:
      • Using this HOL you will learn,  how to use VM Role by creating and deploying a VHD
    • Windows Azure CDN:
      • Use this HOL to learn for CDN introduction 
    • Introduction to the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus Futures:
      • If you want to learn how to use the new Service Bus features in the AppFabric labs environment, this is your place to start with
    • Building Windows Azure Apps with Caching Service:
      • This HOL help you to start your development using Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service 
    • Introduction to the AppFabric Access Control Service V2:
      • This HOL shows you how you can build a simple web application that supports multiple identity providers


  • New Azure Portal Hands On Labs
    • Introduction to Windows Azure:
      • Information on Brand New Windows Azure platform Portal
    • Introduction to SQL Azure:
      • updated to use the new SQL Azure platform Portal (Code Name: Houston)

If you prefer to just access the updated training Kit content online please use the link below:

To download the updated November 2010 Training Kit, please use the the link below: