Once you have VM role enabled with your subscription, you can start working on VM Role using the step by step guide provided as below:





After finished creating your VHD for VMRole, and uploading using CSUPLOAD script, you may following error:


Error: A parameter was incorrect. Details: The subscription is not authorized for this feature


Reason: This error could occurred if any of the parameter in the CSUPLOAD script does not have correct info. 

              In above case, the error occurred because in the –Location parameter you have use “Anywhere US” which is not accepted.

             You need to specific the exact data center location name with “–Location” parameter.


Solution: Please use the exact data center name with the "-Location" parameter. The accepted locations are as below        

    1. South Central US
    2. North Central US
    3. North Europe
    4. West Europe
    5. Southeast Asia
    6. East Asia