Once you have VM role enabled with your subscription, you can start working on VM Role using the step by step guide provided as below:




After finished creating your VHD for VMRole, and uploading using CSUPLOAD script, you may following error:


Error:  An error occurred trying to attach to the VHD.

Details: The sector size of the physical disk on which the virtual disk resides is not supported.

Note: This is your main error and other errors after it are just caused by this error so please do not give any consideration to  them.

Reason: This error occurred because I was loading the baseimage.VHD (as described in above csupload script)from external USB 3.0, 1.0 TB disk.

             If I use other smaller size external HDD this error did not produced. So the error could occur with certain HDD which have incompatible sector size.

             So far I do not have a list of compatible sector size disk needed for successful upload.



After I moved baseimage.vhd to my local hard disk , I could upload is successfully.  

To solve your problem, please copy the VHD to your local disk and then reference it properly in “-LiteralPath” parameter.