If you have passed the CSUPLOAD script successfully and then you could also successfully published your VM Role based application on Windows Azure, the next step is to RDP your VM role. The detailed steps to get VM Role working are described here:




When you RDP to your VM Role, it is possible that:

1. Your credentials will not work even you are sure you are typing it correctly

2. Your application on VM Role may now work correctly


After my investigation I discovered something interesting. After creating your VHD when you try to install the OS, there is a very important step, which I think most of us will very easily miss.


When you try to install the Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition OS on VHD please follow as below: 


Note: Above steps are already described in Exercise #1, Task #1 & Step 12 inside above link.

You can verify your VM after you open it in hypervisor.

Correct VHD:

Incorrect VHD: