CSMANAGE tool is developed using Azure Service Management API and located at:


It is possible that you may encounter the following error when using this tool:


c:>csmanage.exe /list-hosted-services

Could not establish secure connection for SSL/TLS with authority 'management.core.windows.net


Based on above problem details, it is possible that the certificate you are using with CSMANAGE.EXE.CONFIG is a self signed key based certificate. The application may not trust the key used in the CSMANAGE.EXE.CONFIG or their may not be a way for the application to trust the certificate as there may not be a chain to validate or a certificate revocation list.

To solve this problem you can just create a simple certificate as describe below using MAKECERT and solve this problem.


Step 1: Create Certificate in the “My” Certificate store:

1.        Open the VS2010 command window to create a certificate (Change the CN value to your word of choice):


C:\Applications>makecert -r -pe -n "CN=Avkash Windows Azure Portal Cert" -b 01/01/2010 -e 01/01/2015 -sky exchange -ss my




2.        This certificate will be available in “Current User -> Personal (My) Certificate Store” as below:


3.        Now you can export this certificate to CER (Do not export private key) and save as CER File.


Step 2: Upload above created CER file to Azure Portal:


1.        Upload the certificate to Azure Portal at “Management Certificate” section

Step 3: Working with CSMANAGE Tool:


Update your csmanage.exe.config file with *correct* Subscription ID and above certificate Thumbprint ID:



    <add key="CheckServerCertificate" value="true"/>

    <!-- Insert your subscriptionId as shown by the Windows Azure developer portal -->

    <add key="SubscriptionId" value="***********************************"/>

    <!-- Insert your certificate thumbprint without spaces -->

    <add key="CertificateThumbprint" value="A77B44AD5556DFDB11A3B245453A548B2D7B0099"/>




C:\Windows\system32>csmanage /list-hosted-services

Using certificate: CN=Avkash Windows Azure Portal Cert

Listing HostedServices

HostedServiceList contains 1 item(s).

HostedService Name:Avkash13test

HostedService Url:https://management.core.windows.net/6b2a323b-****-****-***-******a3adca/services/hostedservices/Avkash13test

Operation ID: 4d1a45d134974c149054f8d405a11111

HTTP Status Code: OK

StatusDescription: OK