Cloud services and phone applications are a powerful combination, and our goal is to make it as easy as we can for you to use Windows Azure to provide storage and services for your phone applications. Everything we’ve built in this toolkit is to simplify the experience and optimize your time. For example, rather than require you to learn any new semantics around storage or put in the time to build out membership services to provide authentication and authorization for your phone applications, we’ve done it for you and provide you with a sample demonstrating the necessary steps.


The toolkit contains the following pieces:

·       Binaries – These are libraries we’ve written that you can use in your Windows Phone 7 applications to make it easier to work with Windows Azure (e.g. a full storage client library for blobs and tables). You can literally add these libraries to your existing Windows Phone 7 applications and immediate start leveraging services such as Windows Azure storage.

·       Docs – We’ve provided documentation that covers setup and configuration, a review of the toolkit content, getting started, and some troubleshooting tips.

·       Dependency Checker – As you’ve come to expect and love, we provide a full dependency checker to ensure that you have all the bits required in order to successfully use the toolkit.

·       Project Templates – We have built VSIX (which is the unit of deployment for a Visual Studio 2010 Extension) files that create project templates that make it easy for you to build brand new applications.

·       Samples – We have a sample application that fully leverages the toolkit, both available in C# and VB.NET. The sample application is also built into one of the two project templates created by the toolkit.


What you can do immediately:

1.       Create a Cloud Project for Windows Phone 7 and include desired Role

2.       Connect to Azure Storage very quickly from the application

3.       Use WCF endpoints for communication with other components


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